This is Dr. H4.
Dr. Javier Villalba Diez is the founder and director of an international consulting business.
As a researcher, lecturer, author, artist and engineer he has an illustrated approach to life.
His favorite activity is continuous learning and constant teaching: teach to as many people as possible all the things he learns.
He is not the best at doing everything, but is the best at empowering others to become their best.
H4 is an iconoclast.
H4 is the leader of a group of HK experts that will do anything it takes to help you achieve your organizational goals while increasing trust.
This is done by implementing the interpretation of HOSHIN KANRI described in this book: THE HOSHIN KANRI FOREST.
Dr. Ing. (PhD), Univ. Politécnica, Madrid, Spain, 2016
Dipl. Ing. (M.Sc.), Tech. Univ. München, Germany, 2003
Industrial Engineer (M.Sc.), Univ. Politécnica, Madrid, 2003
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Currently the areas of Reserach in H4´s interest are HOSHIN KANRI and Business Intelligence.
His professional expertise are HOSHIN KANRI, Leadership, Lean Managament and everytihng related to the KAIZEN process.
Personal Interests
H4 has ELO of 2057 in standard chess, a masters degree in piano and plays tenor saxophone as amateur.