Dr. Anna M. Doro-on is a U.S. Department of Defense civilian systems engineer working in the area of weapons technology development.  She has many years of extensive experience in the engineering consulting industry, conducting research on systems engineering and risk assessment for critical infrastructure with focus on terrorism, WMD, disaster, homeland security and defense action. As a technical expert, she has many years of extensive experience in the engineering consulting industry.  She was an engineering adjunct professor for many years at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  She has served numerous committees and commissions in the areas of transportation, homeland security and defense over a period that spanned three continuous presidential administrations, beginning with President Clinton.  She accepted a public servant position after an inspirational advice from former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates in previous meeting that she attended in Washington D.C. and recommendations from senior executive-level colleagues in other Federal agencies.  Shortly after she joined public service, she served as the organizational representative for diversity outreach.  She has passion not only for innovation but also for the people and underrepresented youth in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM).

Dr. Doro-on is also a talented visual artist and portraitist who sings like a songbird on her spare time.  With her creative flairs, she can express illustratively many difficult abstract perspectives very clearly.  She has transformed the risk assessment methodology and integrated with psychology of prediction, computational analytics, probability judgment, and cognitive bias for the risk assessment and decision-making analysis with focus on psychotechnology, behavioral engineering, politics, terrorism, infrastructure, homeland security and defense actions.  

Dr. Doro-on has completed two manuscripts entitled, "Risk Assessment for Water Infrastructure Security and Safety" (2011) and "Risk Assessment & Security for Pipelines, Tunnels, and Underground Rail and Transit Operations (2014)," published by CRC Press based on her Ph.D. dissertation and thoroughly digested the cumulative prospect theory (CPT) related to definition of risk, and perfected the concepts of Risk Acceptability.  Based on the comparison of the incremental acceptable risk determined by the current socioeconomic value versus potential risk of terrorism and disaster, she developed a comprehensive methodology for risk acceptability analysis based on CPT a quantitative psychology of intuitive prediction using "water and super-speed magnetic levitation rail terrorism" as illustrative examples. She additionally has  forthcoming manuscripts.

Dr. Doro-on has received many awards for her research papers.  In the past, she presented a paper related to her doctoral research at the American Academy of Sciences and Environmental Science & Technology, where she received a Young Scientist Award.  She also presented her Master's research at the Annual International Symposium of the MAES-Latinos in Science & Engineering (MAES) and won the Doctoral Paper Competition and a scholarship award.  As a graduate student, she spearheaded the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Society of Women Engineers, MAES and highly-regarded by all those organizations.  She also spearheads the Empowering Latina Organization to inspire high-achiever Latinas and underrepresented women in STEM under the umbrella of SHPE,  U.S. Department of Defense, in collaboration with Hi-Tech networks as well as movie industries for National Defense initiatives, innovations, and growth to build a stronger nation.
M.S. Degree in Civil Engineering
B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering / Structural Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Certification, Georgia Tech
Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas
Systems Engineering Certification, Georgia Tech
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
(a.) Quantitative psychology, risk assessment & survivability for defense actions and infrastructure security; (b.) Emergency Response & Disaster Preparedness; (c.) underground freight through pipelines and other tunnel systems; (d.) cryogenic technology; (e.) environmental remediation; (f.) civil design (including land planning, transportation, roadway, & highway); technology and research development (g.) water resources/hydraulics-hydrology/wastewater technology; (h.) stormwater management; (i.) intelligent & control systems; (j.) loss prevention for power, industrial and chemical plants; (k.) spatial analysis & mapping; (l.) 3D location analytics; and (m.) infrastructure management. ------Technical/Computer Skills: (1) vapor Intrusion modeling; (2) Bentley Microstation; (3) Geographic Information System (GIS;ESRI ArcGIS); (4)Global Positioning System (GPS); (5) Autodesk Land Development Desktop (LDD); (6) Autodesk Civil 3D vs. 2009-2014; (6) AutoCAD & CAD LT; (7) MS Microsoft Project/Visio/Excel/Word/PowerPoint; (8)Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; (9) DreamWeaver & CSS; (10) Surfer; (11) Hydrograph; (12) Hydraflow Express; (12) HEC-1 & HEC-2; (13) HEC-RAS; (14) LongBow; (15) Culvert Design Software; (16) Bentley FlowMaster,CulvertMaster, PondPack,CivilStorm, WaterCAD, & StormCAD; (18) Stormnet; (19) SWMM; (20) MicroFEAP; (21) STAAD Pro (Structural Design Analysis); (22) Maxwell Diagram; (23) Modern Computational Analytics

Personal Interests
1. Singer (Broadway and Pop Music);
2. Robotics;
3. Portraitist (Hyper-Realistic Portrait Drawing);
4. Art Painter (Fine Arts);
5. Graphic Illustrator using CAD, Photoshop, and Illustrator;
6. Painting Dolls.