Have Ph.D. in analytical chemistry.At present, Visiting Professor in the Post-Graduate Department of Zoology, Maulana Azad College,Kolkata and a Scientific Consultant and Director, West Bengal Biotech Development Corporation, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of West Bengal.
Was invited speaker at 53rd Annual Conference of ACN ,2012 at New Jersey. Attended 7th Annual Conference of ISNFF,2014 at Istanbul as a speaker. Was a speaker at IFT 2015 at Chicago. Is in different hi-power technical and advisary committees of science Technology & Biotechnology of Govt. of West Bengal, India.
B.S. in 1973 in Chemistry from Jadavpur University
M.S. in 1975 in Chemistry from Jadavpur University
PhD in 1987 in Analytical Chemistry from Jadavpur University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Main area of research is the remediation and treatment of arsenic poisoning and toxicity. The treatments also include regenerative medicine .
Have been in different UNICEF and Govt. of India programs as resource person and speaker.
Personal Interests
Research in remediation of environmental pollution and encourage the environmental awareness.