I received my PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in 1972 in functional analysis and topology. Around 1979 I began collaborating with friends at the Naval Research Laboratory on sonar signal processing. Shortly thereafter I met Mike Fiddy, of the Physics Department, University of London, with whom I have collaborated for several decades. In 1990 I began visiting the Department of Radiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School. I have worked with Mike King and his group at UMMed since that time, primarily on algorithms for tomographic image reconstruction.
BS Mathematics (Georgetown University, 1968)
MA Mathematics (University of Pittsburgh, 1970)
PhD Mathematics (University of Pittsburgh, 1972)
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Signal processing, image reconstruction, iterative algorithms, optimization
Personal Interests
Reading, mowing my lawn, drinking coffee on my porch, helping my wife Eileen with her new horse, Nate.