Vasyl Tomashyk is executive director and head of the department of V.Ye. Lashkaryov Institute for Semiconductor Physics of the National Academy of the Sciences of Ukraine. Graduated from Chernivtsi State University in Ukraine in 1972 (master of chemistry). He is a doctor of chemical sciences (1992), professor (1999) and author of about 640 publications in scientific journals and conference proceedings and 10 books (five of them were published by CRC Press), which are devoted to physical-chemical analysis, the chemistry of semiconductors, and chemical treatment of semiconductor surfaces.
Tomashyk is a specialist at the high international level in the field of solid-state and semiconductor chemistry, including physical-chemical analysis and the technology of semiconductor materials. He was head of research topics within the International program “Copernicus”. He is a member of Materials Science International Team (Stuttgart, Germany, since 1999) which prepares a series of prestigious reference-books under the title Ternary alloys and Binary alloys, and has published 35 chapters in the Landolt–Börnstein New Series. Tomashyk is actively working with young researchers and graduate students, and under his supervision, 20 PhD theses were prepared. For many years, he is also a professor at Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University in Ukraine.
Professor since 1999