Yihui Xie (http://yihui.name) is currently a software engineer with RStudio. He earned his PhD from the Department of Statistics, Iowa State University. His research interests include interactive statistical graphics and statistical computing. He is an active R user and the author of several R packages, such as animation, formatR, Rd2roxygen, and knitr, among which the animation package won the 2009 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award (ASA), and the knitr package was awarded the “Honorable Mention” prize in the “Applications of R in Business Contest 2012” thanks to Revolution Analytics.

In 2006 he founded the “Capital of Statistics” (http://cos.name), which has grown into a large online community on statistics in China. He initiated the first Chinese R conference in 2008 and has been organizing R conferences in China since then. During his PhD training at the Iowa State University, he won the Vince Sposito Statistical Computing Award (2011) and the Snedecor Award (2012) in the Department of Statistics.
Master in Statistics, Renmin University of China, Beijing, 2009
PhD, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University, 2013