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FAST Facilitative Advanced Leadership Training

  • FAST Facilitative Advanced Leadership Training
    Experienced facilitators who have taken formal facilitator training (preferably our professional-level course) and have facilitated six or more workshops. The three-day training session will review, refine, and enhance the facilitation and workshop-structuring skills of the experienced session leader. The students will spend approximately one-third of their time with new content and tools, one-third in participatory demonstration and discussion, and one-third in exercises and practice sessions. OBJECTIVES The advanced training is designed so that the students will be able to: Adapt real-life learnings from gathering requirements Enhance agenda-building skills for part-day meetings Expand virtual and tele-video/presence leadership skills Improve ability to help groups agree and prioritize Lead groups to make higher-quality and measurable decisions Learn and apply new tools for meetings and workshops Practice "HOW TO" tools for managing conflict and confronting issues TOPICS Breakthrough and innovation tools Change management framework and suggestions Decision-making tools Executing your strategy—facilitative strategy mapping Graphics and visual display—expanding their use Hip-pocket tool deployment Interactive feedback from student challenges Scenario planning and temporal shift through multiple SWOT analysis COURSE OUTLINE Advanced material on virtual meetings including video meetings Advanced practice sessions and personalized evaluation/ feedback Building approaches—starting with the "end" in mind and holarchy review Getting groups to decide (ie, finessing extreme personality problems) Graphic display of information Personalized review Preparation—deciding on prioritization approach Risk-reward of approach options (ie, comparison and application of decision making and innovation tools) Student exchange of facilitation struggles and advanced class expectations
    2150 Market Center Blvd , Dallas, Texas 75207
    Dec 18, 2012 to Dec 20, 2012
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