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Navigating Healthcare Transformation: Value Based Care, the Patient and the Tech

  • Navigating Healthcare Transformation: Value Based Care, the Patient and the Tech

    Political Landscape – The Social Transformation of American Medicine

    Is health care a privilege or a right? This is perhaps the most contentious question in the entire health care debate. Your answer as part of a constituency influences the political landscape as to whether or not expand Medicaid, repeal the Affordable Care Act, adopt Universal Healthcare or a Single Payer healthcare system. As the 2018 elections fast approaches the healthcare debate will be the preeminent issue that will resonate with voters. Yes, healthcare costs are escalating and consume 19.2% of GDP, and yes there are many shortcomings in the Affordable Care Act, but that is not the story that matters most to people. The authentic story that matters is based on their medical condition a parent, child, brother or sister achieved the best health outcome relative to the cost of achieving those outcomes. Absent a value-based approach toward achieving desired outcomes patients, clinicians and payers suffer the consequences of inefficient and poor quality of care, dissatisfaction and increased medical costs.  


    Key Takeaways

    -       Broader understanding of the healthcare debate and proposed solutions

    -       A Value Realization Framework to improve organizational performance and clinical outcomes

    -       Actionable checklist for defining and measuring value 

    San Diego
    Mar 04, 2018 to Mar 07, 2018
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    Nathan Tierney, Director of Value Management,Department of Veterans Affairs (Speaking)
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