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AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence) International Conference

  • AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence) International Conference


    Learn and practice a 5 Step model for Engaging, Involving and Motivating employees. By using these 5 simple steps during your daily shop walks or healthcare rounds, you will see engaged employees actively implementing their own improvement projects, motivated employees forming their own teams, and involved employees giving you status updates on the project progress. 

     Key Learning Objectives - How to:

    1. Take engagement to the next level, beyond engagement surveys with    improvement projects.

    2. Create projects that PULL people.

    3. Use a 5-Step Method to Engage, Involve and Motivate Employees.

    4. Add the 5-Step Method into Leader Standard Work.

    5. Conduct a painless "mini-performance review" by taking a Gemba       walk with the boss.

    6. Ten "Pinch Point Warnings"

    7. Ten "Engagement WD-40 Tips" 

    900 Boylston Street, Boston, Boston, MA 02115
    Oct 09, 2017
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