Agricultural Science

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Inventory of Potato Variety Collections in EEC Countries

1st Edition

H.W. Kehoe
June 01, 1986

This book gives details of collections of potato varieties in European Community (EC) countries, in alphabetical order and shows the health status of each variety. It also gives details of the location of blight and potato cyst eelworm differential sets....

Odour Prevention and Control of Organic Sludge and Livestock Farming

1st Edition

V.C. Nielsen, J.H. Voorburg
April 29, 1986

Proceedings of a round-table seminar, Silsoe, UK, 15-19 April 1985....

Agricultural Water Management

1st Edition

A. L. Van Wijk, Wesseling J.
January 01, 1986

This book is an outcome of the symposium on agricultural water management in Netherlands and discusses the methods that leads to cost effective but environmentally acceptable techniques. The book covers following topics: drainage and reclamation of soil and effect of drainage on agriculture....

Sedge Moths of North America, The (Lepidoptera: Glyphipterigidae)

1st Edition

January 01, 1985

Represents the first comprehensive study of these moths in North America north of Mexico using modern systematic procedures involving assessment of a number of morphological and biological characters in relation to their phylogenetic status. This study also represents a worldwide generic study made...

CRC Handbook of Census Methods for Terrestrial Vertebrates

1st Edition

October 21, 1982

Learn how to start a census program for terrestrial vertebrates with this handbook. Whether the information you need is for managing a population, surveying environmental impact, or conducting research on a particular species, this handbook has it all. Principles, methods, and calculations are...

Integrated Crop Protection

1st Edition

P. Graffin
June 01, 1982

This book discusses the constraints on biological control ranging from the difficulty of convincing growers that they should infest their crops artificially to the effect of cultural techniques....

Seed Regeneration in Cross-pollinated Species

1st Edition

E. Porceddu
June 01, 1982

This book deals with the practical aspects in regeneration of field crop plants; regeneration of pasture plants; and regeneration of horticultural plants. It discusses the methods to increase seed stocks of cross-pollinated species....

Soil Biochemistry

1st Edition

E. A. Paul
April 01, 1981

This book reviews some aspects of soil biochemistry, including the biochemical turnover of specific elements and organic compounds in soil; the properties and functions of soil enzymes; and the structure, distribution and pathways of metabolism of organic compounds....

Thermal Properties of Food and Agricultural Materials

1st Edition

June 17, 1980

This book discusses the methods for determination of data on thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, unit surface conductance or the heat transfer coefficient of foods and agricultural materials. It includes the applications of thermal properties in relation to cooling and thermal expansion....