Agricultural Science

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The Potato Beetles

1st Edition

January 01, 1988

Based on over 2,500 specimens representing all the species of Leptinotarsa in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, this book includes studies on 31 of the 41 known species of the world. Included are host records, when available, and distribution data. The most complete information is available...

Integrated Pest Control in Viticulture

1st Edition

R. Cavalloro
June 01, 1987

This book presents some conditions and/or factors which are little known as possibly affecting moth population density, or have been little-studied and, determines their possible usefulness for integrated pest control in vineyards....

Weed Control on Vine and Soft Fruits

1st Edition

Commission of the European Communities
June 01, 1987

This book demonstrates the common problems faced by fruit growers throughout the Community and shows the importance of weeds in fruit crops. It summarizes a list of the worst weeds in vine and soft fruits in each European Country....

Ground Water Quality and Agricultural Practices

1st Edition

Deborah Fairchild
March 01, 1987

This outstanding reference book deals with effects of various agricultural practices on ground water quality and usage; and ground water management strategies for protection of ground water affected by agriculture....

Manual of Fertilizer Processing

1st Edition

September 19, 1986

This book describes different methods for preparing compound fertilizers. It focuses on how some of the raw and intermediate materials are produced and used in the manufacture of compound fertilizers. The book is intended for persons associated with the fertilizer industry....

Integrated Pest Control in Citrus Groves

1st Edition

R. Cavalloro
June 01, 1986

This book is an outcome of the proceedings of the expert's meeting on the protection of citrus groves held in Acireale in 1985. It focuses on the methods and strategies of integrated control taking into account the influence of some phytochemicals on the physiology of the citrus crop....

Inventory of Potato Variety Collections in EEC Countries

1st Edition

H.W. Kehoe
June 01, 1986

This book gives details of collections of potato varieties in European Community (EC) countries, in alphabetical order and shows the health status of each variety. It also gives details of the location of blight and potato cyst eelworm differential sets....

Odour Prevention and Control of Organic Sludge and Livestock Farming

1st Edition

V.C. Nielsen, J.H. Voorburg
April 29, 1986

Proceedings of a round-table seminar, Silsoe, UK, 15-19 April 1985....

Agricultural Water Management

1st Edition

A. L. Van Wijk, Wesseling J.
January 01, 1986

This book is an outcome of the symposium on agricultural water management in Netherlands and discusses the methods that leads to cost effective but environmentally acceptable techniques. The book covers following topics: drainage and reclamation of soil and effect of drainage on agriculture....

Sedge Moths of North America, The (Lepidoptera: Glyphipterigidae)

1st Edition

January 01, 1985

Represents the first comprehensive study of these moths in North America north of Mexico using modern systematic procedures involving assessment of a number of morphological and biological characters in relation to their phylogenetic status. This study also represents a worldwide generic study made...

CRC Handbook of Census Methods for Terrestrial Vertebrates

1st Edition

October 21, 1982

Learn how to start a census program for terrestrial vertebrates with this handbook. Whether the information you need is for managing a population, surveying environmental impact, or conducting research on a particular species, this handbook has it all. Principles, methods, and calculations are...