Agricultural Science

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Behavior-Modifying Chemicals for Insect Management: Applications of Pheromones and Other Attractants

1st Edition

March 12, 1990

Presenting an authoritative overview of current findings on pheromone applications, this reference reviews the principles involved in employing these compounds, their chemistry, and delivery systems for efficient use. In addition, it provides case studies of current and potential practical applicati...

Mayflies of the World: A Catalogue of the Family and Genus Group Taxa

1st Edition

January 01, 1990

This valuable catalog lists all family-group (family, subfamily, tribe, subtribe) and genus-group (generic or subgeneric) names that have been proposed for the Ephemeroptera, both recent and fossil, including the hierarchical classification of the order. The first part illustrates the hierarchical...

Principles of Health and Safety in Agriculture

1st Edition

James A. Dosman, Donald W. Cockcroft
October 31, 1989

This indispensible new text is a comprehensive treatment of health and safety problems in agriculture and related industries. Respiratory health risks, grain dust exposures, occupational asthma, chronic lung disease, chemical exposures, incidence of cancer in farmers, accidents and injuries, and...

Target Sites of Herbicide Action

1st Edition

Peter Boger, Gerhard Sandmann
July 31, 1989

This publication is based on the plant processes and reaction sites for which reliable knowledge on both their physiology and biochem-istry and the mode of herbicidal action is available. Targets of the agrochemical research, such as enzymes of biosynthetic pathways or herbicide-binding peptides in...

Statistical Methods for Food and Agriculture

1st Edition

Filmore E Bender, Larry W Douglas, Diana S Kramer
July 06, 1989

This classic book will meet the needs of food and agricultural industries in both their research and business needs. Learn the fundamentals of applying statistics to the business and research needs in the food and agricultural industries. Statistical Methods for Food and Agriculture is a practical,...

Humic Substances

1st Edition

June 01, 1989


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Agriculture

1st Edition

Philip E. Pfeffer, Walter V. Gerasimowicz
April 30, 1989

This informative publication presents the broad application of nuclear magnetic resonance to many of today's problem areas in agriculture. Solid-state NMR methodology is covered, with its applications to the study of intact agricultural matrices such as plant cell walls, photosynthetic chloroplast...

Woody Brush Control

1st Edition

Edward O. Gangstad
February 28, 1989

This technical reference resource provides the background information that is required for the professional operation of herbicide applicators for general and restricted use. Basic information is provided for specialty areas, where there is a need-to-know requirement to fully understand technical...

Lepidopterorum Catalogus

1st Edition

January 01, 1989

The noctuidae of the world, a family with numerous important agricultural pests, comprises about a third of the entire order Lepidoptera. This new three-volume set is the first complete catalog for the world. About 38,000 named species (including known synonyms) are listed alphabetically under each...

Constitutive Equations for Granular Non-Cohesive Soils

1st Edition

G.F. Bianchini, A.S. Saada
January 01, 1989

Proceedings of the International Workshop on [title], Cleveland, Ohio, July 1987. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or....