Agricultural Science

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Sowing Beyond The State: Ngos And Seed Supply In Developing Countries

1st Edition

Elizabeth Cromwell, Steve Wiggins, Sondra Wentzel
February 24, 1994


Agricultural Field Experiments: Design and Analysis

1st Edition

Roger G. Petersen
February 11, 1994

This text provides statistical and biometrical procedures for designing, conducting, analyzing and interpreting field experiments. It addresses the most important research topics in agriculture, including agronomy, breeding and pasture trials; farming systems research; and intercropping research....

Wastewater Reuse for Golf Course Irrigation

1st Edition

Michael P. Kenna
February 03, 1994

Wastewater Reuse for Golf Course Irrigation, authored by leading researchers and practitioners, covers a wide range of technical and regulatory aspects of how and why to irrigate golf courses with reused wastewater. Water quality, water conservation, regulations, water rights, water delivery,...

People-Plant Relationships: Setting Research Priorities

1st Edition

Raymond P Poincelot, Joel Flagler
January 03, 1994

Presenting the latest research on cross-cultural people-plant relationships, this volume conveys the psychological, physiological, and social responses to plants and the significant role these responses play in improved physical and mental health. With chapters written by field experts, it...

The Economics of the Tropical Timber Trade

1st Edition

January 01, 1994

There is genuine cause for concern over the excessive exploitation of tropical forest in many regions, but also many misconceptions about the causes and sources of thisexploitation.The Economics of the Tropical Timber Trade provides a detailed analysis of the economic linkages between the trade and...

Techniques for Evaluating Insect Resistance in Crop Plants

1st Edition

Charles M. Smith, Z. R. Khan, Mano Dutta Pathak
December 17, 1993

This comprehensive book is the first illustrated volume to provide detailed discussions of all plant genera regarding techniques developed to evaluate plant resistance to insects. Many of the book's references have never before appeared in a volume on this subject. The authors systematically...

Handbook of Sampling Methods for Arthropods in Agriculture

1st Edition

Larry P. Pedigo, G. David Buntin
December 17, 1993

Handbook of Sampling Methods for Arthropods in Agriculture offers a comprehensive look at the principles and practicality of developing accurate sampling programs for arthropod pests and their arthropod enemies. The book examines developments in sampling populations and reviews sampling plans that...

Recombinant Microbes for Industrial and Agricultural Applications

1st Edition

Yoshikatsu Murooka
December 14, 1993

Bridging the gap between laboratory observations and industrial practices, this work presents detailed information on recombinant micro-organisms and their applications in industry and agriculture. All recombinant microbes, bacteria, yeasts and fungi are covered....

The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management

1st Edition

Robert E Gough
December 13, 1993

Here is a book that sets forth vital information growers need to produce highbush blueberries effectively and efficiently. Written from the grower?s point of view, The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management presents technical information in a highly readable manner that is easy to understand. It...

Ecotoxicology of Soil Organisms

1st Edition

Herman Eijsackers, Fred Heimbach, Marianne H. Donker
December 09, 1993

This book provides a comprehensive examination of all aspects of the ecotoxicology of soil organisms. The book explains how contaminants reach the soil, traces their transport through the soil, and then moves on to examine the effects of contaminants on different groups of soil organisms (e.g.,...

Factors Affecting Calf Crop

1st Edition

Michael J. Fields, Robert S. Sand
November 23, 1993

Factors Affecting Calf Crop summarizes the latest information available from leading cattle physiologists and geneticists regarding factors known to influence the production of live calves at weaning. You get practical information on management techniques for improving reproduction efficiency in...

Sustainable Agriculture Systems

1st Edition

J. L. Hatfield, Douglas L. Karlen
November 23, 1993

Sustainable agriculture embodies many concepts in its attempt to integrate all the aspects of farming systems into a holistic system. This book explores the processes that occur within the components of a sustainable system and shows where we can build upon our existing knowledge to develop the...