Agricultural Science

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Emerging Strategies for Pesticide Analysis

Thomas Cairns, Joseph Sherma
August 05, 1992

Emerging Strategies for Pesticide Analysis presents a selection of reports on analytical technologies in the field of pesticide residue analysis. These reports have been written by international experts in their respective fields. Applications-oriented chapters focus on methods development for...

Rational Approaches to Structure, Activity, and Ecotoxicology of Agrochemicals

Wilfried Draber, Toshio Fujita
July 14, 1992

This book presents discussions of the most important aspects in the development of agrochemicals. The book covers such broad areas as structure activity and ecotoxicological analyses in comprehensive reviews for general methods and chronicles for individual examples. Topics in structure-activity...

Structure and Function of Domestic Animals

W. Bruce Currie
July 07, 1992

Structure and Function of Domestic Animals provides a solid introduction to the functional anatomy of domestic animals. The author covers general principles, phenomena, and mechanisms and then supports this information by providing concrete examples, giving you a working understanding of the...

Soil/Sediment Adsorption Constant Program

Philip H. Howard, William M. Meylan
June 26, 1992

Soil/Sediment Adsorption Constant Program uses the SMILES notation structural input to calculate the soil or sediment adsorption coefficient (Koc) from a correlation of the molecular connectivity indices and correction factors for certain chemical classes. This method was developed by the U.S....

Safety Assessment of Genetically Engineered Fruits and Vegetables: A Case Study of the Flavr Savr Tomato

Keith Redenbaugh
May 22, 1992

Use of genetically engineered plants for food production has raised many questions about food safety. Scientists, environmentalists, and government regulators have debated safety issues since the advent of genetic engineering. Recently, Calgene, Inc. became the first company to go to the FDA to...

Contaminated Soils: Diesel Fuel Contamination

Edward J. Calabrese, Paul T. Kostecki
May 12, 1992

Contaminated Soils offers state-of-the-art technologies for detection and remediation of diesel contaminated soils that can be used by environmental professionals to maximize the practical application of theory. The book covers all aspects of assessment of soils contaminated by diesel fuel and...

EPA'S Pesticide Fact Sheet Database

Lawrence H. Keith, Mary Walker
April 30, 1992

EPA's Pesticide Fact Sheet Database presents a comprehensive source of information on several hundred pesticides and pesticide formulations. Pesticides are quickly and easily located using keywords that describe criteria under which the pesticides can be found. On-line help screens facilitate your...

Apomixis in Plants

Sven Asker, Lenn Jerling
March 10, 1992

Apomixis in Plants presents a comprehensive review of different aspects of asexual seed formation in plants. This is important in plant research since apomixis could greatly facilitate breeding in important crops. It is also interesting theoretically because it carries problems related to genetic...

Insect Potpourri: Adventures in Entomology

January 01, 1992

This book gives a popularized account of entomology and working in entomology in the USA. The 7 chapters by various authors cover: useful insects such as bees, insects that help control pests, insects as medicine and as food; insects and public health, including mosquitoes, the diseases they carry...

Insects and Plants: Parallel Evolution & Adaptations, Second Edition

January 01, 1992

Insects and plants, whether or not they coevolved, have intimate interrelationships. This book concisely yet thoroughly describes these phenomena. In one chapter the salient facts known about carnivorous plants are described. In another, ant and plant relationships are summarized as an introduction...