Agricultural Science

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Soil Erosion Research Methods

2nd Edition

Soil and Water Conservation Society (U. S.), R. Lal
May 01, 1994

This new edition of Soil Erosion Research Methods retains the themes and layout of the first edition. However, most chapters have been revised and some additional chapters have been added. There are new chapters on modeling wind and water erosion. Extensive revisions and updating have been done in...

Managing the Potato Production System: 0734

1st Edition

Bill Bryan Dean
April 29, 1994

This important book on the culture of the potato presents scientific information for potato growers in an easily accessible format and clear language. Managing the Potato Production System contains all the information needed to harvest a bountiful crop. The book is written specifically for field...

Description and Sampling of Contaminated Soils: A Field Guide

2nd Edition

J. Russell Boulding
March 29, 1994

This second edition of EPA's bestselling book, Description and Sampling of Contaminated Soils: A Field Guide, Second Edition, has been revised and significantly expanded over the original edition. An ideal reference for anyone involved in site investigations, this guide describes how to determine...

Assessment and Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites

1st Edition

G. Mattney Cole
March 24, 1994

Federal regulations have required thousands of underground storage tanks (USTs) to be dug up and removed or replaced. The contamination of soil and ground water from leaking USTs has become widespread and has produced an overwhelming number of sites that require remediation. Assessment and...

Biochemistry of Metal Micronutrients in the Rhizosphere

1st Edition

John Manthey, David E. Crowley, Douglas G. Luster
March 22, 1994

Biochemistry of Metal Micronutrients in the Rhizosphere focuses on chemical factors and biological activities that control the uptake and translocation of essential metal micronutrients by plants and microorganisms. Emphasis is placed on current proposals describing the roles of microorganisms in...

Computer Simulation Analysis of Biological and Agricultural Systems

1st Edition

Barney K. Huang
March 22, 1994

Computer Simulation Analysis of Biological and Agricultural Systems focuses on the integration of mathematical models and the dynamic simulation essential to system analysis, design, and synthesis. The book emphasizes the quantitative dynamic relationships between elements and system responses....

Managing Agricultural Residues

1st Edition

Paul W. Unger
March 16, 1994

Many agriculturalists, conservationists, and environmentalists are stressing the importance of sustaining soil productivity so that future generations will have adequate productive land on which to produce food. One significant factor affecting soil productivity is the retention of crop residues on...

Principles of Protein Nutrition of Ruminants

1st Edition

J. Malcolm Asplund
March 14, 1994

Principles of Protein Nutrition of Ruminants is a cutting-edge examination of the current state of knowledge in this important field. It explores current techniques and concepts, pointing out limitations to these techniques and introducing ideas and criticisms that will be useful in developing new...

Bioremediation of Chlorinated and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds

1st Edition

Battelle Memorial In
February 28, 1994

This timely reference presents the state of the art of the emerging and rapidly changing field of bioremediation of chlorinated solvents, PCBs, and other chlorinated compounds, as well as PAHs, both in situ and on site. This landmark publication reports significant advances in bioremediation, with...

Sowing Beyond The State: Ngos And Seed Supply In Developing Countries

1st Edition

Elizabeth Cromwell, Steve Wiggins, Sondra Wentzel
February 24, 1994


Agricultural Field Experiments: Design and Analysis

1st Edition

Roger G. Petersen
February 11, 1994

This text provides statistical and biometrical procedures for designing, conducting, analyzing and interpreting field experiments. It addresses the most important research topics in agriculture, including agronomy, breeding and pasture trials; farming systems research; and intercropping research....