Agricultural Science

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Environmental Chemistry of Herbicides

Raj Grover
March 31, 1988

This reference book deals with the physico-chemical principles and processes controlling the behavior of herbicides in the soil environ-ment and gives a concise, critical account of techniques associ-ated with each subject matter. It summarizes and tabulates data on herbicides by class or group...

Handbook of Natural Pesticides: Pheromono, Part A, Volume IV

E. David Morgan, N. Bhushan Mandava
February 29, 1988


Handbook of Natural Pesticides: Pheromono, Part B, Volume IV

E. David Morgan, N. Bhushan Mandava
February 29, 1988


Remedial Technologies for Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

February 01, 1988

This new work describes the state-of-the-art of remedial technologies for petroleum contaminated soils and impacted ground water-13 feasible methods and their basic elements, along with discussion of the factors to consider when selecting the method(s) to use-and their implementation. It presents a...

The Potato Beetles

January 01, 1988

Based on over 2,500 specimens representing all the species of Leptinotarsa in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, this book includes studies on 31 of the 41 known species of the world. Included are host records, when available, and distribution data. The most complete information is available...

Integrated Pest Control in Viticulture

R. Cavalloro
June 01, 1987


Weed Control on Vine and Soft Fruits

Commission of the European Communities
June 01, 1987


Ground Water Quality and Agricultural Practices

Deborah Fairchild
March 01, 1987

This outstanding reference book deals with effects of various agricultural practices on ground water quality and usage; and ground water management strategies for protection of ground water affected by agriculture....

Manual of Fertilizer Processing

September 19, 1986