Agricultural Science

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Mechanisms of Plant Growth and Improved Productivity Modern Approaches

Amarjit Basra
June 29, 1994

Discusses the mechanisms of plant productivity and the factors limiting net photosynthesis, describing techniques to isolate, characterize and manipulate specific plant genes in order to enhance productivity. The uptake of carbon and the practical aspects of plant nutrition are discussed....

Structure and Development of Meat Animals and Poultry

H. J. Swatland
June 25, 1994

An updated (and re-titled) edition of a major text, Structure and Development of Meat Animals and Poultry serves the information needs of meat science and animal production professionals and meat industry personnel. The book is well illustrated with more than 250 line drawings and photographs....

Handbook of Integrated Pest Management for Turf and Ornamentals

Anne R. Leslie
June 23, 1994

This essential reference provides complete coverage of integrated pest management (IPM). With more than 40 recognized experts, the book thoroughly details the rationale and benefits of employing an IPM plan and provides technical information on each aspect from cultural practices to choosing when...

Selenium in the Environment

June 10, 1994

Discusses the biochemical and geological cycling of selenium (Se), its worldwide distribution, and the factors controlling its fate and transport within and between major environmental media, presenting a global assessment of selenium's complex environmental behaviour. The focus of this work is...

The World Apple Market

Andrew D O'Rourke
June 01, 1994

Growers, packers, processors, and distributors of apples who wish to survive into the twenty-first century need to understand that they are now operating in an interconnected world market. The World Apple Market explains in lay terms the economics of the changes taking place in each phase of the...

Pollution Control in Fertilizer Production

C.A. Hodge
May 20, 1994

"This timesaving guide addresses nearly every aspect of pollution control for the mining, production, transportation, and distribution of chemical fertilizers covering current and emerging technologies for all segments of the industry, including raw materials production, end products, and...

Soil Erosion Research Methods

Soil and Water Conservation Society (U. S.), R. Lal
May 01, 1994

This new edition of Soil Erosion Research Methods retains the themes and layout of the first edition. However, most chapters have been revised and some additional chapters have been added. There are new chapters on modeling wind and water erosion. Extensive revisions and updating have been done in...

Managing the Potato Production System: 0734

Bill Bryan Dean
April 29, 1994

This important book on the culture of the potato presents scientific information for potato growers in an easily accessible format and clear language. Managing the Potato Production System contains all the information needed to harvest a bountiful crop. The book is written specifically for field...

Description and Sampling of Contaminated Soils: A Field Guide

J. Russell Boulding
March 29, 1994

This second edition of EPA's bestselling book, Description and Sampling of Contaminated Soils: A Field Guide, Second Edition, has been revised and significantly expanded over the original edition. An ideal reference for anyone involved in site investigations, this guide describes how to determine...

Assessment and Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites

G. Mattney Cole
March 24, 1994

Federal regulations have required thousands of underground storage tanks (USTs) to be dug up and removed or replaced. The contamination of soil and ground water from leaking USTs has become widespread and has produced an overwhelming number of sites that require remediation. Assessment and...

Biochemistry of Metal Micronutrients in the Rhizosphere

John Manthey, David E. Crowley, Douglas G. Luster
March 22, 1994

Biochemistry of Metal Micronutrients in the Rhizosphere focuses on chemical factors and biological activities that control the uptake and translocation of essential metal micronutrients by plants and microorganisms. Emphasis is placed on current proposals describing the roles of microorganisms in...

Computer Simulation Analysis of Biological and Agricultural Systems

Barney K. Huang
March 22, 1994

Computer Simulation Analysis of Biological and Agricultural Systems focuses on the integration of mathematical models and the dynamic simulation essential to system analysis, design, and synthesis. The book emphasizes the quantitative dynamic relationships between elements and system responses....