Agricultural Science

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Phytohormones in Soils Microbial Production & Function

March 21, 1995

Details the various physiological responses in plants caused by microbially derived phytohormones--examining the microbial synthesis of the five primary classes of plant hormones. Exploring novel methods for improving symbiotic associations vital for plant growth and development....

Soil Water and Ground Water Sampling

Neal Wilson
March 13, 1995

The most recent "comprehensive" book on the subject of ground water sampling was written by Dr. Barcelona in 1986 and is still being sold today. It does not, however, include soil water sampling and analytic techniques. A considerable amount of research has since been undertaken dealing with ground...

Soil Management: Experimental Basis for Sustainability and Environmental Quality

B.A. Stewart
March 09, 1995

The experiments and experiences discussed in Soil Management carefully document crop production systems with well-defined boundaries. These long-term agronomic trials provide a valuable data resource that has, until now, been largely ignored by both the research community and the sustainability...

Earthworm Ecology and Biogeography in North America

Paul F. Hendrix
February 22, 1995

It is generally recognized that where earthworms are abundant they can exert significant influence on the structure and function of soils. Compared to other biogeographic regions of Earth, however, surprisingly little is known about the earthworm fauna of the western hemisphere and their role in...

Nitrogen Fertilization in the Environment

Peter Bacon
January 23, 1995

This study examines the interactions between nitrogen and the ecosystem and discusses nitrogen fertilization practices around the world. Simulation models that play an important role in determining the dynamics of source-sink relationships are presented, helping to pinpoint inefficiencies and...

Seed Development and Germination

Jaime Kigel
January 04, 1995

This text is intended for plant physiologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, biotechnologists, geneticists, horticulturalists, agromnomists and botanists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines. It integrates advances in the diverse and rapidly-expanding field...

Humic Substances of Soils and General Theory of Humification

D.S. Orlov
January 01, 1995

This work contains results of the latest studies on the composition, structure and properties of humic substances, which are the largest and most important component of organic matter of different types of soils. It should be useful for soil scientists and nature conservationists....

Subirrigation and Controlled Drainage

Frank M. D'Itri, Harold W. Belcher
December 28, 1994

Subirrigation and Controlled Drainage provides information by four subject groups: subirrigation/controlled drainage system planning and operation, economic/production impact, environmental impact, and barriers to further implementation of water table management systems. The chapter authors address...

Soil Amendments: Impacts on Biotic Systems

Jack E. Rechcigl
December 21, 1994

Soil Amendments presents a comprehensive and balanced synthesis of current knowledge pertaining to the environmental effects of soil amendments on various biotic systems, including crops, livestock, wildlife, forestry, aquatic systems, and humans. Separate chapters focus on the remedial effects of...

Handbook of Vadose Zone Characterization & Monitoring

L. Gray Wilson, Lorne G. Everett, Stephen J. Cullen
December 20, 1994

This book is written in a simple, straightforward manner without complicated mathematical derivatives. Compiled by experienced practitioners, this guide covers topics such as basic principles of vadose zone hydrology and prevalent monitoring techniques. Case studies present actual field experiences...

Surfactants in Agrochemicals

Tharwat F. Tadros
December 08, 1994

This work highlights the physical chemistry of surfactant solutions, detailing a fundamental method of selecting surfactants for agrochemical formulations and delineating how surfactants enhance the biological efficacy of agrochemicals. The unique properties of surfactants that have a major...

Metal Speciation and Contamination of Soil

Herbert E. Allen, Chin-Pao Huang, George W. Bailey, Alan R. Bowers
November 29, 1994

Metal Speciation and Contamination of Soil provides a thorough overview of the biogeochemical processes governing the behavior, transport, and bioavailability of heavy metals in contaminated soils and suggests alternative approaches for effective remediation. This important new book contains...