Agricultural Science

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Crop Improvement Utilizing Biotechnology

Rup Lal
December 13, 2017

This book discusses; somaclonal variation in crop improvement, the role of tissue culture in rapid clonal propagation and production of pathogen-free plant, protoplasts in crop improvement, cell selection and long-term high-frequency regeneration of cereals and legumes, agrobacteria-mediated gene...

Biotechnology in Tall Fescue Improvement

Michael J. Kasperbauer
December 12, 2017

This one-of-a-kind publication focuses on the improvement of the feed value of tall fescue and further extension of its adaptability under various environmental stresses. This fascinating work comprehensively explains cell and tissue culture methods which are used to establish somatic cell cultures...

Handbook of Energy Utilization In Agriculture

David Pimentel
December 12, 2017

The aim of this volume is to collect and present available data, both published and unpublished, on energy use in agriculture and forestry production. Energy analyses for some sciences such as ecology are not new, but their applications to agriculture started in 1973. These analyses have grown...

Coffee Rust: Epidemiology, Resistance and Management

Ajjamada C. Kushalappa
December 12, 2017

This highly informative monograph will provide a basic reference on coffee rust for both investigators in the field and those entering it. The research conducted has been organized based on principles of epidemiology and plant disease management, providing both theoretical and practical information...

Soil Physical Conditions and Plant Roots

J. Glinski
December 08, 2017

This book is a specialized monograph on soil physical conditions and root-system relations. It attempts to explain the importance of physical properties of soil by showing how they affect root growth and functions; and on the other hand, how roots themselves change their environment. Emphasis is...

Plant Vitamins

A. Mozafar
December 08, 2017

This unique book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of information on the genetic factors, agronomic production methods, and environmental factors that impact the content of vitamins in plants. The effect of various biotic and abiotic stress factors is discussed, and the possible role...

Handbook of Soils and Climate in Agriculture

Victor J. Kilmer
December 08, 2017

The sections in this handbook series reflect the input of different editors and advisory boards, and as a consequence, there is considerable variation in both the depth and coverage offered within a given area. However, an attempt has been made throughout to bring together pertinent information...

Adjuvants for Agrichemicals

Chester L. Foy
December 08, 2017

Based on a conference, this book is intended to promote a better understanding of the effects of adjuvants on pesticide penetration, translocation, photodegradation and stability, spray deposition and dissipation, and the fate of herbicides in the environment....

Practical Manual on Plant Cytogenetics

Ram J. Singh
December 06, 2017

Earlier books on the handling of plant chromosomes have not included many of the innovations in cytological techniques for many important crops that have become available in recent years, including information on associating genes with chromosomes. The aim of this book is to compile all the plant...

Laboratory Techniques in Plant Bacteriology

Suresh G. Borkar
December 06, 2017

Laboratory Techniques in Plant Bacteriology is ideal for scientists and students who seek a career in plant pathogenic bacteria. This book contains 41 chapters comprising practicable techniques from isolation of bacterial plant pathogens to their identification up to species and race/biotype level....

Advancing Food Integrity: GMO Regulation, Agroecology, and Urban Agriculture

Gabriela Steier
December 06, 2017

The proliferation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our increasingly globalized food system is trivializing the inherent risks to a sustainable world. Responding to the realities of climate change, urbanization, and a GMO-dominated industrialized food system, Gabriela Steier's seminal...

Principles of Animal Nutrition

Guoyao Wu
December 01, 2017

Animals are biological transformers of dietary matter and energy to produce high-quality foods and wools for human consumption and use. Mammals, birds, fish, and shrimp require nutrients to survive, grow, develop, and reproduce. As an interesting, dynamic, and challenging discipline in biological...