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Zoo and Aquarium History: Ancient Animal Collections To Zoological Gardens

Vernon N. Kisling
September 18, 2000

As one of the world's most popular cultural activities, wild animal collections have been attracting visitors for 5,000 years. Under the direction of Vernon N. Kisling, an expert in zoo history, an international team of authors has compiled the first comprehensive, global history of animal...

Forest Sampling Desk Reference

Evert W. Johnson
June 27, 2000

Should damaged trees be clear cut and replanted or allowed to recover naturally? Is the deer herd large enough to survive hunting pressure? Managing forest resources entails numerous decisions. Making these decisions intelligently requires sound information about the resource in question. Ideally,...

Wildlife Issues in a Changing World, Second Edition

James Sanderson, Michael Moulton
August 18, 1998

Students of conservation encounter some of the most complex issues on our planet. The resolution of existing problems become more complex when humans create further stresses on the natural balance. Moulton and Sanderson brought the challenging issues in wildlife conservation into greater clarity in...

Forest Biodiversity Research, Monitoring and Modeling

F. Dallmeier, J.A. Comiskey
April 15, 1998

The first of two volumes documenting the latest findings on forest biodiversity, this book presents original, new contributions by some three hundred scientists from over forty countries. Researchers from the massive Smithsonian/MAB Biological Diversity Program cover the feasibility of using...

Toxicology and Pesticide Use in Relation to Wildlife, Organophosphorus, and Carbamate Compounds

Gregory J. Smith
November 09, 1992

Organophosphorus and carbonate pesticides are used as insecticides, herbicides, nematicides, acaricides, fungicides, rodenticides, and bird repellents throughout the world. Today, organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides use is widespread on agricultural crops, rangelands, forests, and wetlands....

CRC Handbook of Census Methods for Terrestrial Vertebrates

October 21, 1982

Learn how to start a census program for terrestrial vertebrates with this handbook. Whether the information you need is for managing a population, surveying environmental impact, or conducting research on a particular species, this handbook has it all. Principles, methods, and calculations are...