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Modeling Chemical Transport in Soils: Natural and Applied Contaminants

Hossein Ghadiri, Calvin Rose
September 23, 1992

Modeling Chemical Transport in Soils: Natural and Applied Contaminants provides a comprehensive discussion of mathematical models used to anticipate and predict the consequences and fate of natural and applied chemicals. The book evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, and possibilities for...

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, Volume II

Paul T. Kostecki
September 01, 1992

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, Volume II presents all of the important topics of hydrocarbon contaminated soils from the perspectives of scientific theory, regulatory application, and analysis and site assessment. These topics include an analysis of pollutants, soil physics and environmental fate;...

Soil/Sediment Adsorption Constant Program

Philip H. Howard, William M. Meylan
June 26, 1992

Soil/Sediment Adsorption Constant Program uses the SMILES notation structural input to calculate the soil or sediment adsorption coefficient (Koc) from a correlation of the molecular connectivity indices and correction factors for certain chemical classes. This method was developed by the U.S....

Safety Assessment of Genetically Engineered Fruits and Vegetables: A Case Study of the Flavr Savr Tomato

Keith Redenbaugh
May 22, 1992

Use of genetically engineered plants for food production has raised many questions about food safety. Scientists, environmentalists, and government regulators have debated safety issues since the advent of genetic engineering. Recently, Calgene, Inc. became the first company to go to the FDA to...

Contaminated Soils: Diesel Fuel Contamination

Edward J. Calabrese, Paul T. Kostecki
May 12, 1992

Contaminated Soils offers state-of-the-art technologies for detection and remediation of diesel contaminated soils that can be used by environmental professionals to maximize the practical application of theory. The book covers all aspects of assessment of soils contaminated by diesel fuel and...

Soil Solarization

Jaacov Katan, James E. DeVay
October 24, 1991

Soil Solarization describes the principles and technology of soil solarization and the use of soil solarization for different crops and cropping systems. The book evaluates and interprets the extensive amount of literature available on soil solarization in relation to climatic effects and changes...

Soil Biochemistry: Volume 7

October 10, 1991


Organic Substances and Sediments in Water, Volume I

Robert A. Baker
June 11, 1991

The fate and transport of natural and anthropogenic sediment-borne organic contaminants is a critical environmental issue and complex processes are involved that until now have been poorly defined. Organic Substances and Sediments in Water is a three-volume book that provides the best information...

Semiarid Lands and Deserts: Soil Resource and Reclamation

J. Skujins
April 16, 1991

A compendium of current information on arid soils. Provides a comprehensive background of the various soils and biota of arid regions, as well as a detailed account of the current understanding of degradation processes, and includes methodologies for arid land maintenance and rehabilitation and for...

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils and Groundwater: Analysis, Fate, Environmental & Public Health Effects, & Remediation, Volume I

Paul T. Kostecki
February 26, 1991

Proceedings of the February 19-22, 1990, conference held at Newport Beach, California. ConferenceDirectors: PAUL T. KOSTECKI, EDWARD J. CALABRESE, and CHARLES E. BELL. Advisory Committee: RICHARD BOZEK, EEI; TERRY BRAZEL, SWRCB; MARK COUSINEAU, AG; SETH DAUGHERTY, Orange County; RALPH De La PARRA,...

Biochemical Aspects of Crop Improvement

K. R. Khanna
December 19, 1990

This book provides a comprehensive review at the biochemical and molecular level of the processes and techniques that contribute to crop improvement. General topics include a historical perspective of the advancements in crop improvement; cultivar systematics and biochemical and molecular markers...

Soil Biochemistry: Volume 6: Volume 6

J.-M. Bollag
March 22, 1990

Explores the role of biochemical processes in the soil environment, particularly the activity of microorganisms, and the potential application of those processes to environmental biotechnology. The 11 papers also highlight the application of molecular biology and microbial genetics to soil biology a...