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Forest Hydrology: An Introduction to Water and Forests, Third Edition

3rd Edition

Mingteh Chang
November 01, 2012

Due to its height, density, and thickness of crown canopy; fluffy forest floor; large root system; and horizontal distribution; forest is the most distinguished type of vegetation on the earth. In the U.S., forests occupy about 30 percent of the total territory. Yet this 30 percent of land area...

Wildlife Science: Connecting Research with Management

1st Edition

Joseph P. Sands, Stephen J. DeMaso, Matthew J. Schnupp, Leonard A. Brennan
May 29, 2012

Despite the potential synergy that can result from basing management applications on results from research, there is a polarization of cultures between wildlife managers and wildlife researchers. Wildlife Science: Connecting Research with Management provides strategies for bridging cultural and...

Remote Sensing of Protected Lands

1st Edition

Yeqiao Wang
November 21, 2011

National parks, wildlife refuges and sanctuaries, natural reserves, conservation areas, frontier lands, and marine-protected areas are increasingly recognized as essential providers of ecosystem services and biological resources. As debates about climate change and sustainability intensify,...

Cumulative Effects in Wildlife Management: Impact Mitigation

1st Edition

Paul R Krausman, Lisa K. Harris
March 09, 2011

As humans continue to encroach on wildlands, quality and quantity of wildlife habitat decreases before our eyes. A housing development here, a shopping mall there, a few more trees cut here, another road put in there, each of these diminishes available habitat. Unless the cumulative effects of...

Forest Wildlife Ecology and Habitat Management

1st Edition

David R. Patton
October 12, 2010

Across the continental United States, one can identify 20 distinct forest cover types. Most of these are to be found on federal lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. Those responsible for the management of trees that form the 20 different cover types and the...

Trees & Forests, A Colour Guide: Biology, Pathology, Propagation, Silviculture, Surgery, Biomes, Ecology, and Conservation

1st Edition

Bryan G. Bowes
January 15, 2010

Trees are one of the dominant features of our existence on earth and play a fundamental role in the environment. This book gives the reader an overview and understanding of trees. Subject areas covered include ecology and conservation, tree anatomy and evolution, pathology, silviculture,...

Social-Environmental Planning: The Design Interface Between Everyforest and Everycity

1st Edition

Chris Maser
September 22, 2009

With the environment, climate change, and global warming taking center stage in the national debate, the issues seem insurmountable and certainly unsolvable at the local level. Written by Chris Maser, international consultant on forest ecology, sustainable forestry practices, and sustainable...

Invasive Plants and Forest Ecosystems

1st Edition

Ravinder Kumar Kohli, Shibu Jose, Harminder Pal Singh, Daizy Rani Batish
September 09, 2008

As the worldwide human population explodes and trade becomes increasingly globalized, the transboundary movement of plant species from their place of origin to foreign regions is escalating and expected to experience continued growth in the coming decades. Invasive Plants and Forest Ecosystems...

Flora of Siberia, Vol. 14: Additions and Corrections; Alphabetical Indexes

1st Edition

L I Malyschev
January 03, 2008

This represents the concluding volume of the comprehensive compilation on the taxonomy and chorology of the vascular plants of Siberia (Volumes 1 to 13). The present volume covers the latest information on the nomenclature and distribution of the species that were reported after the publication of...

Ecological Basis of Agroforestry

1st Edition

Daizy Rani Batish, Ravinder Kumar Kohli, Shibu Jose, Harminder Pal Singh
November 15, 2007

Faced with the growing problems of climate change, ecosystem degradation, declining agricultural productivity, and uncertain food security, modern agricultural scientists look for potential relief in an ancient practice. Agroforestry, if properly designed, can mitigate greenhouse effects, maintain...

Sampling Techniques for Forest Inventories

1st Edition

Daniel Mandallaz
October 26, 2007

Sound forest management planning requires cost-efficient approaches to optimally utilize given resources. Emphasizing the mathematical and statistical features of forest sampling to assess classical dendrometrical quantities, Sampling Techniques for Forest Inventories presents the statistical...

Sustainable Forestry Management and Wood Production in a Global Economy

1st Edition

Robert L Deal, Rachel White, Gary Benson
July 05, 2007

A global view of responsible forestry management Sustainable Forestry Management and Wood Production in a Global Economy examines emerging issues and key strategies for sustaining wood production while maintaining other forest resources. Internationally recognized forestry experts explore a broad...