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Biological and Biotechnological Control of Insect Pests

Jack E. Rechcigl, Nancy A. Rechcigl
September 24, 1999

Pest and disease management continues to challenge the agricultural community. The rise in new pest and crop problems juxtaposed with public concern over pesticide use and more stringent environmental regulations creates the need for today's agricultural producers to stay current with new...

Plant Responses to Environmental Stresses: From Phytohormones to Genome Reorganization: From Phytohormones to Genome Reorganization

July 01, 1999

Emphasizing the unpredictable nature of plant behaviour under stress and in relation to complex interactions of biological pathways, this work covers the versatility of plants in adapting to environmental change. It analyzes environmentally triggered adaptions in developmental programmes of plants...

Handbook of Plant Virus Diseases

Dragoljub D. Sutic, Richard E. Ford, Malisa T. Tosic
June 15, 1999

Handbook of Plant Virus Diseases presents basic information about viral-caused and viral-like diseases in many cultivated crops. The editors, internationally known plant pathologists, provide authoritative descriptive symptomatic signatures of virus diseases, to aid in the diagnosis and possible...

Principles and Practices in Plant Ecology: Allelochemical Interactions

Inderjit, K. M. M. Dakshini, Chester L. Foy
March 12, 1999

Principles and Practices in Plant Ecology: Allelochemical Interactions provides insights and details recent progress about allelochemical research from the ecosystem standpoint. Research on chemical ecology of allelochemicals in the last three decades has established this field as a mature science...

Molecular Biotechnology for Plant Food Production

Octavio Paredes-Lopez
March 11, 1999

The first single volume reference on the use of genetic engineering and molecular biology for plant food production, this book provides basic to in-depth approaches at the molecular level combining agricultural technology with food science and technology. It focuses on biotechnology 's role in the...

Advances in Hemp Research

Paoli Ranalli
January 22, 1999

Offering up-to-date information on the uses and composition of the plant, Advances in Hemp Research provides growers, researchers, manufacturers, and suppliers with methods and data for the processing and cultivation of hemp for textile and paper products. You will learn how recent advances in...

Conservation Farming in the United States: Methods and Accomplishments of the STEEP Program

Edgar Michalson, R.I. Papendick, John Carlson
December 29, 1998

Conservation Farming in the United States: The Methods and Accomplishments of the STEEP Program explains the success of the multidisciplinary STEEP (Solutions to Economic and Environmental Problems) conservation project, currently in its third decade, which focuses on the Palouse and the western...

Soybean Production in the Midsouth

Larry G. Heatherly, Harry F. Hodges
September 29, 1998

This book compiles information relevant to understanding soybean production processes and condenses it into a single volume. The authors identify production practices and bring together diverse information that suggests ways for producers to better utilize the soil and climatic resources of the...

Global Plant Genetic Resources for Insect-Resistant Crops

Stephen L. Clement, Sharron S. Quisenberry
July 13, 1998

in the conservation and use of global plant genetic resources for sustainable agricultural production, Global Plant Genetic Resources for Insect-Resistant Crops explores plant biodiversity, its preservation, and its use to develop crops resistant to pests, thereby reducing world-wide use of...

Wheat: Chemistry and Utilization

Hugh Cornell, Albert W. Hoveling
January 05, 1998

This new book meets the need for a comprehensive, up-to-date review of wheat chemistry, processing and uses. It provides the reader with extensive new information on wheat components that will be useful in better commercial utilization of wheat and the formulation of new and upgraded wheat-based...