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Principles of Protein Nutrition of Ruminants

J. Malcolm Asplund
March 14, 1994

Principles of Protein Nutrition of Ruminants is a cutting-edge examination of the current state of knowledge in this important field. It explores current techniques and concepts, pointing out limitations to these techniques and introducing ideas and criticisms that will be useful in developing new...

Factors Affecting Calf Crop

Michael J. Fields, Robert S. Sand
November 23, 1993

Factors Affecting Calf Crop summarizes the latest information available from leading cattle physiologists and geneticists regarding factors known to influence the production of live calves at weaning. You get practical information on management techniques for improving reproduction efficiency in...

Mammalian Neuroendocrinology

Paul V. Malven
January 12, 1993

Mammalian Neuroendocrinology presents a concise examination of how the nervous and endocrine systems interact to regulate physiological processes. Selected experimental results are presented to illustrate the current understanding of neuroendocrine processes. Neural influences and endocrine...

Manipulation of the Avian Genome

Robert J. Etches, Ann M. Gibbins
November 24, 1992

Many genes have been cloned from chicken cells, and during the next decade numerous laboratories will be concentrating their resources in developing ways of using these tools. Manipulation of the Avian Genome contains the most recent information from leading research laboratories in the areas of...

Structure and Function of Domestic Animals

W. Bruce Currie
July 07, 1992

Structure and Function of Domestic Animals provides a solid introduction to the functional anatomy of domestic animals. The author covers general principles, phenomena, and mechanisms and then supports this information by providing concrete examples, giving you a working understanding of the...