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Animal Welfare in Animal Agriculture: Husbandry, Stewardship, and Sustainability in Animal Production

Wilson G. Pond, Fuller W. Bazer, Bernard E. Rollin
November 23, 2011

What constitutes animal welfare? With animals being used for companionship, service, research, food, fiber, and by-products, animal welfare is a topic of great interest and importance to society. As the world’s population continues to increase, a major challenge for society is the maintenance of a...

Distillers Grains: Production, Properties, and Utilization

KeShun Liu, Kurt A. Rosentrater
July 25, 2011

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in grain-based fuel ethanol production in North America and around the world. Whether such production will result in a net energy gain or whether this is sustainable in the long term is under debate, but undoubtedly millions of tons of...

Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach

Victor S. Lamoureux
April 15, 2011

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters. This comprehensive volume looks at a range of topics covering the habits of a variety of animals, including how macaques teach their offspring, how rats transmit avoidance behavior, how supplementary feeding of tree frogs affects their breeding...

Encyclopedia of Animal Science - (Two-Volume Set)

Wilson G. Pond, Duane E. Ullrey, Charlotte Kirk Baer
February 01, 2011


Poultry Meat Processing

Casey M. Owens
February 09, 2010

When the first edition of Poultry Meat Processing was published, it provided a complete presentation of the theoretical and practical aspects of poultry meat processing, exploring the complex mix of biology, chemistry, engineering, marketing, and economics involved. Upholding its reputation as the...

Applied Muscle Biology and Meat Science

Min Du, Ph.D., Richard J. McCormick
May 26, 2009

Many of the difficulties that meat and animal scientists face when attempting to address specific problems—such as stress susceptibility and poor meat quality in swine—stem from a lack of understanding of the underlying biological mechanisms that drive muscle growth, metabolism, and its conversion...

Airway Chemoreceptors in Vertebrates

Giacomo Zaccone, Ernest Cutz, Dirk Adriaensen
January 09, 2009

This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the information available on the morphological, physiological and evolutionary aspects of specialized cells distributed within the epithelia of the airways in the vertebrates. A lot of work has been done on the cell and molecular biology...

Environmental Management of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

Frank R. Spellman, Nancy E. Whiting
June 01, 2007

Clean and environmentally sound disposal of animal waste in the quantities that Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) produce can only be described as a challenge. Designed to provide practical information, Environmental Management of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) covers...

Handbook of Beef Safety and Quality

Deborah VanOverbeke
February 12, 2007

Make sure your beef harvest, production, and processing methods meet the highest standards Handbook of Beef Safety and Quality is a comprehensive guide to the impact and importance of pre-harvest/production, harvest, and further processing controls, methods and practices on safety and quality—...

Animal Models of Cognitive Impairment

Edward D. Levin, Jerry J. Buccafusco
June 22, 2006

The costs associated with a drug’s clinical trials are so significant that it has become necessary to validate both its safety and efficacy in animal models prior to the continued study of the drug in humans. Featuring contributions from distinguished researchers in the field of cognitive therapy...

Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology

Ronald D. Smith
September 07, 2005

While veterinary medicine has always valued the concepts and methods of epidemiology, they are virtually inseparable in today’s clinical practice. With access to an ever-expanding number of journals, as well as countless Internet sources, more and more veterinarians are practicing evidence-based...

Halal Food Production

Mian N. Riaz, Muhammad M. Chaudry
October 28, 2003

Until now, books addressing Halal issues have focused on helping Muslim consumers decide what to eat and what to avoid among products currently on the marketplace. There was no resource that the food industry could refer to that provided the guidelines necessary to meet the Halal requirements of...