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New CRC Press Book Provides a Crucial Foundation for the New Science of AI Safety Engineering

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September 18, 2015

BOCA RATON, Fla., USA (August 4, 2014) — CRC Press is pleased to announce the publication of Artificial Superintelligence: A Futuristic Approach (June 2015, ISBN: 978-1-4822-3443-5) by Roman V. Yampolskiy, associate professor in the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science and director of the CyberSecurity Lab at the University of Louisville.

Human-level AI is a “hot topic that seems to have come straight from science fiction,” says Leon Reznik, professor of computer science at Rochester Institute of Technology. The consequences of superintelligent AI raise new and sinister issues related to our future in the age of intelligent machines. Artificial Superintelligence: A Futuristic Approach directly addresses these issues and consolidates research aimed at making sure that emerging superintelligence is beneficial to humanity.

Professor Reznik continues, “[The] vigorous academic analysis pursued by the author produced an awesome textbook that should attract everyone’s attention: from high school to graduate school students to professionals.”

The book covers key issues important to AI researchers and students, computer security researchers, futurists, and philosophers, including:
• AI-Completeness theory and how it can be used to see if an AI agent has attained human-level intelligence
• Methods for safeguarding the invention of a superintelligent system that could theoretically be worth trillions of dollars
• Self-improving AI systems: definition, types, and limits
• The science of AI safety engineering, including machine ethics and robot rights
• Solutions for ensuring safe and secure confinement of superintelligent systems
• The future of superintelligence and why long-term prospects for humanity to remain as the dominant species on Earth are not great

About Dr. Yampolskiy
Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville, where he is also the founding and current director of the CyberSecurity Lab. During his tenure at the University of Louisville, Dr. Yampolskiy has been recognized as Distinguished Teaching Professor, Professor of the Year, Faculty Favorite, Top 4 Faculty, Leader in Engineering Education, Top 10 of Online College Professor of the Year, and Outstanding Early Career in Education. Dr. Yampolskiy is a senior member of IEEE and AGI, a member of the Kentucky Academy of Science, a research advisor for MIRI, and an associate of GCRI. He holds a PhD from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University at Buffalo.

About CRC Press
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