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Wittgenstein's Thought and Legacy

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Wittgenstein on Thought and Will

Wittgenstein on Thought and Will


Roger Teichmann
August 18, 2018

This book examines in detail Ludwig Wittgenstein’s ideas on thought, thinking, will and intention, as those ideas developed over his lifetime. It also puts his ideas into context by a comparison both with preceding thinkers and with subsequent ones. The first chapter gives an account of the...

Wittgenstein and Naturalism

Wittgenstein and Naturalism

Kevin M. Cahill, Thomas Raleigh
January 24, 2018

Wittgenstein was centrally concerned with the puzzling nature of the mind, mathematics, morality and modality. He also developed innovative views about the status and methodology of philosophy and was explicitly opposed to crudely "scientistic" worldviews. His later thought has thus often been...

Wittgenstein on Sensation and Perception

Wittgenstein on Sensation and Perception

Michael Hymers
January 23, 2017

This book offers two novel claims about Wittgenstein’s views and methods on perception as explored in the Philosophical Investigations. The first is an interpretive claim about Wittgenstein: that his views on sensation and perception, including his critique of private language, have their roots in...

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