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Understanding the Ancient World

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Understanding Latin Literature

Understanding Latin Literature

Susanna Morton Braund
January 23, 2017

Understanding Latin Literature is a highly accessible, user-friendly work that provides a fresh and illuminating introduction to the most important aspects of Latin prose and poetry. This second edition is heavily revised to reflect recent developments in scholarship, especially in the area of the...

Understanding Greek Tragic Theatre

Understanding Greek Tragic Theatre

Rush Rehm
July 13, 2016

Understanding Greek Tragic Theatre, a revised edition of Greek Tragic Theatre (1992), is intended for those interested in how Greek tragedy works. By analysing the way the plays were performed in fifth-century Athens, Rush Rehm encourages classicists, actors, and directors to approach Greek tragedy...

Understanding Greek Religion

Understanding Greek Religion

Jennifer Larson
March 23, 2016

Understanding Greek Religion is one of the first attempts to fully examine any religion from a cognitivist perspective, applying methods and findings from the cognitive science of religion to the ancient Greek world. In this book, Jennifer Larson shows that many of the fundamentals of Greek...

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