Understanding Molecules: Lectures on Chemistry for Physicists and Engineers

Franco Battaglia, Thomas F. George

CRC Press
September 24, 2018 Forthcoming
Textbook - 308 Pages - 143 Color Illustrations
ISBN 9781138329300 - CAT# K392789


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  • The principles underlying chemistry are stressed more than chemistry itself.
  • Contained within 500 pages, an amount moderate enought to leave hope to cover - or at least to read - it all within a one-semester course.
  • Contains more than 200 problems (all with answers), which must be solved as the student progresses through the book to help ensure that the subject has been understood.
  • Devoted to more mathematically oriented engineering or physics students who may only take one college level course in chemistry.
  • 2 Interlude of physics chapters provide a bridge to key physics concepts needed to understand several chemistry concepts presented.


Chemistry is a subject that many students with differing goals have to tackle. This unique general chemistry textbook is tailored to more mathematically-oriented engineering or physics students. The authors emphasize the principles underlying chemistry rather than chemistry itself and the almost encyclopedic completeness appearing in a common textbook of general chemistry is sacrificed for an emphasis to these principles. Contained within 500 pages, it is suitable for a one-semester course for students who are strong in physics and mathematics. Over 200 problems are provided to ensure understanding, and answers are provided in the text so that the students can check their progress.