The Terrorist-Criminal Nexus: An Alliance of International Drug Cartels, Organized Crime, and Terror Groups

Jennifer L. Hesterman

April 17, 2013 by CRC Press
Reference - 351 Pages - 39 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9781466557611 - CAT# K15479


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    • Chronicles the rise of domestic groups, including Americans taking up the cause of Jihad with targets inside U.S. borders
    • Assesses international terrorist groups that most threaten U.S. security: the franchises of al Qaeda, Hezbollah, HAMAS, and FARC
    • Analyzes why groups would and would not liaise and discusses emergent activity and trends
    • Presents an analysis of transnational crime, including drugs, human trafficking, money laundering, corruption, kidnapping, and piracy
    • Examines cartel activity at U.S. borders


    Postmodern global terrorist groups engage sovereign nations asymmetrically with prolonged, sustained campaigns driven by ideology. Increasingly, transnational criminal organizations operate with sophistication previously only found in multinational corporations. Unfortunately, both of these entities can now effectively hide and morph, keeping law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the dark and on the run.

    Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that al Qaeda, Hezbollah, FARC, drug cartels, and increasingly violent gangs—as well as domestic groups such as the Sovereign Citizens—are now joining forces. Despite differing ideologies, they are threatening us in new and provocative ways. The Terrorist-Criminal Nexus: An Alliance of International Drug Cartels, Organized Crime, and Terror Groups frames this complex issue using current research and real-world examples of how these entities are sharing knowledge, training, tactics, and—in increasing frequency—joining forces.

    Providing policy makers, security strategists, law enforcement and intelligence agents, and students with new evidence of this growing threat, this volume:

    • Examines current and future threats from international and domestic criminal and terror groups
    • Identifies specific instances in which these groups are working together or in parallel to achieve their goals
    • Discusses the "lifeblood" of modern organizations—the money trail
    • Describes how nefarious groups leverage both traditional funding methods and e-commerce to raise, store, move, and launder money
    • Explores the social networking phenomenon and reveals how it is the perfect clandestine platform for spying, communicating, recruiting, and spreading propaganda
    • Investigates emergent tactics such as the use of human shields, and the targeting of first responders, schools, hospitals, and churches

    This text reveals the often disregarded, misunderstood, or downplayed nexus threat to the United States. Proving definitively that such liaisons exist despite differing ideologies, the book provides a thought-provoking new look at the complexity and phenomena of the terrorist-criminal nexus.

    This book was excerpted in the February/March 2013 issue of The Counter Terrorist.