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The Routledge Hollywood Centenary Series

About the Series

The Routledge Hollywood Centenary is an eight volume book series dedicated to the 100 year anniversary from the establishment of the major Hollywood studios. Originally self-run organisations operating within a clearly defined film industry, from the 1960s onwards these companies have become divisions of various conglomerates during a long period of corporate consolidation and, more recently, of media convergence driven by the advent of digital technology and changes in distribution and consumption. From the ‘studio’ to the ‘post-studio’ era, from ‘Classical Hollywood’ to ‘Conglomerate Hollywood’, through changes in ownership and management regimes, and through collaborations with ever changing clusters of talent each Hollywood studio has been a major contributor to the ways in which American cinema acquired a particular identity at different historical junctures. The Routledge Hollywood Centenary volumes provide an authoritative history of these long-standing organisations and examine in detail how each studio has put an indelible stamp on American cinema and beyond.

Series editors: Yannis Tzioumakis (University of Liverpool) and Gary Needham (University of Liverpool)

Advisory board:

Warren Buckland (Oxford Bookes University)

Peter Krämer (De Montfort University)

Paul McDonald (King’s College)

Eileen Meehan (Southern Illinois University)

Thomas Schatz (University of Texas at Austin)

Janet Staiger (University of Texas at Austin)

Janet Wasko (University of Oregon)

Justin Wyatt (University of Rhode Island)


MGM (2018) Tino Balio - recipient of the 2019 Peter C. Rollins Book Award from the


Fox – Frederick Wasser

Universal – Thomas Schatz

Paramount – Douglas Gomery and Clara Pafort-Overduin

Warner Bros. – Richard Maltby

Columbia – Matthew Bernstein and Eddy Von Mueller

Disney – Susan Ohmer

United Artists – Peter Krämer, Gary Needham, Yannis Tzioumakis and Tino Balio (eds)

2 Series Titles

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United Artists

United Artists

1st Edition


Peter Krämer, Gary Needham, Yannis Tzioumakis, Tino Balio
February 13, 2020

This edited collection brings together leading film historians to examine key aspects of United Artists' centennial history from its origins to the sometimes chaotic developments of the last four decades. The focus is on several key executives – ranging from Joseph Schenck to Paula Wagner and Tom...



1st Edition

Tino Balio
March 20, 2018

The winner of the 2019 Peter C. Rollins Book Award This is the first comprehensive history of MGM from its origins in 1905 to the present. Following a straightforward chronology corresponding to specific periods of film industry history, each chapter describes how successive managements adjusted...

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