The Military Orders Volume I: Fighting for the Faith and Caring for the Sick

1st Edition

Malcolm Barber

Published December 22, 1994
Reference - 432 Pages
ISBN 9780860784388 - CAT# Y241179
Series: The Military Orders


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Table of Contents

Contents: Editor’s Preface; Introduction, Jean Richard; THE HOSPITAL OF ST JOHN: Pro defensione Terre Sancte: the development and exploitation of the Hospitallers’ landed estate in Essex, Michael Gervers; The character of the Hospitaller properties in Spain in the Middle Ages, Henry Sire; The Hospitallers and the Castilian–Leonese Monarchy: the concession of Royal rights, 12th to 14th centuries, Carlos Barquero Gan]i; Catholic and Protestant members in the German Grand Priory of the Order of St John: the development of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg, Walter G. Rödel; A castle in Cyprus attributed to the Hospital?, Peter Megaw; Two forged 13th century alms-raising letters used by the Hospitallers in Franconia, Karl Borchardt; How many miles to Babylon? The Devise des Chemins de Babilione redated, Robert Irwin; The Hospitallers’ medical tradition: 1291–1530, Anthony Luttrell; Documentary and archaeological evidence for Greek settlement in the countryside of Rhodes in the 14th and early 15th centuries, Kara Hattersley-Smith; The 15th century Hospital of Rhodes: tradition and innovation, Fontini Karassava-Tsilingiri; Xenodochium to sacred infirmary: the changing role of the Order of the Hospital of St John, 1522–1631, Ann Williams; Corsairs parading crosses: the Hospitallers and Venice, 1530–1798, Victor Mallia-Milanes; ‘A parish at sea’: spiritual concerns aboard the order of St John’s galleys in the 17th and 18th centuries, David Allen; The Order of St John in England, Jonathan Riley-Smith; THE ORDER OF THE TEMPLE: Hugh de Payns and the 1129 Damascus crusade, Jonathan Phillips; Templar Castles on the road to the Jordan, Denys Pringle; The architecture of the Knights Templars in England, Pál Ritoók; The surrender of Gaston and the rule of the Templars, Judi Upton-Ward; The Templars in Cyprus, Peter Edbury; Towards a profile of the Templars in the early 14th century, Alan Forey; Testimony of non-Templar witnesses in Cyprus, Anne Gilmour-Bryson; The suppression of the Templars in Cyprus according to the Chronicle of Leontios Makhairas, Aneta Iliéva; THE TEUTONIC ORDER: 800 years of the Teutonic Order, Udo Arnold; Frederick II, the Hohenstaufen, and the Teutonic Order in the Kingdom of Sicily, James M. Powell; Patronage of Elizabeth in the High Middle Ages in hospitals of the Teutonic Order in the Bailiwick of Franconia, Klaus Guth; The Teutonic Order confronts Mongols and Turks, Jürgen Sarnowsky; The treatment of prisoners of war during the fighting between the Teutonic Order and Lithuania, Sven Ekdahl; The recruitment of brethren for the Teutonic Order in Livonia 1237–1562, Klaus Militzer; Hospitality and chivalry in the Teutonic Order, Bernhard Demel; THE SPANISH ORDERS: Possessions and income of the Order of Calatrava in the kingdom of León in the 12th and 13th centuries, Carlos de Ayala Martínez; Agrarian structure in the Calatravan Lordships of the southern Meseta of Castile in the 12th and 13th centuries, Enrique Rodríguez-Picavea Matilla; Organization of land in the peninsula south-east: the commandery of Segura de la Sierra of the Order of Santiago, 1246–1350, José Vicente Matellanes Merchán; Architecture and power: the seats of the priories of the Order of Santiago, Aurora Ruiz Mateos, Jesús Espino Nun]o and Olga Pérez Monzón; THE PERCEPTIONS AND ROLE OF THE MILITARY ORDERS: The confraternity of La Sauve-Majeure: a foreshadowing of the Military Order?, Marcus Bull; Medical knowledge in the crusading armies: the evidence of Albert of Aachen and others, Susan Edgington; Crusading and patrons: the influence of the crusades on the patronage of the Order of St Lazarus in England, John Walker; The military orders in mainland Greece, Peter Lock; Knights and lovers: the military orders in the romantic literature of the 13th century, Helen Nicholson; The lawyers of the military orders, James Brundage; Philippe de Mézières and the idea of crusade, Joan Williamson; Victorian perceptions of the military orders, Elizabeth Siberry; Index.

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