The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Third Edition - 3 Volume Set

Joseph D. Bronzino

April 28, 2006 by CRC Press
Reference - 4232 Pages - 3800 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9780849321245 - CAT# 2124
Series: Electrical Engineering Handbook

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  • Provides broad, comprehensive coverage in three convenient, carefully focused volumes
  • Supplies a total of 70 pages of full-color illustrations
  • Includes a concluding section on ethics in each book
  • Contains new sections on neuroengineering, infrared imaging, bioinformatics, molecular biology, and bionanotechnology
  • Features many new and updated chapters in every section
  • Summary

    A short decade ago, The Biomedical Engineering Handbook debuted and was quickly embraced as the biomedical engineer’s “Bible.” Four years later, the field had grown so dramatically that the handbook was offered in two volumes. Now, the early years of the new millennium have seen so much growth and change in the biomedical field that a new, larger, and broader resource is necessary. In its most versatile incarnation yet, this Third Edition is available as a set of three carefully organized and focused volumes that, when combined, maintain the handbook’s standing as the most comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and timely biomedical reference available.

    What’s included in the Third Edition?

    Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals

    This first volume surveys physiology, bioelectric phenomena, biomaterials, biomechanics, and the other broad disciplines that constitute the modern biomedical engineering landscape. It includes an entirely new section on neuroengineering in addition to many new and revised chapters and a 14-page full-color insert.

    Medical Devices and Systems

    Offering an overview of the tools of the biomedical engineering trade, this book focuses on signal analysis, imaging, sensors, devices, systems, instruments, and clinical engineering. It includes two new sections on infrared imaging and medical informatics, numerous other additions and updates, and a 32-page full-color insert.

    Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs

    The third installment examines state-of-the-art applications of biomedical engineering. Integrating life sciences as another facet of the field, it includes a new section on molecular biology. The book also features a new section on bionanotechnology, 90 percent new material in the tissue engineering section, many new and updated chapters, and a 24-page full-color insert.

    Incorporating new developments, technologies, and disciplines, The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Third Edition remains the most comprehensive central core of knowledge available to the field.