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Studies in the History of the Ancient Near East

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"Losing One's Head" in the Ancient Near East: Interpretation and Meaning of Decapitation


Rita Dolce
December 18, 2017

In the Ancient Near East, cutting off someone’s head was a unique act, not comparable to other types of mutilation and therefore charged with a special symbolic and communicative significance. This book examines representations of decapitation in both images and texts, particularly in the context...

Being a Man: Negotiating Ancient Constructs of Masculinity

Being a Man: Negotiating Ancient Constructs of Masculinity

Ilona Zsolnay
August 15, 2016

Being a Man is a formative work which reveals the myriad and complex negotiations for constructions of masculine identities in the greater ancient Near East and beyond. Through a juxtaposition of studies into Neo-Assyrian artistic representations and omens, biblical hymns and narrative, Hittite,...

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