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Social Movements and Transformative Dissent

About the Series

The emergence of new forms of dissent, protest, resistance and political mobilizations in South Asia in recent times has rendered several analytical frameworks in social movement studies obsolete. The volumes in this series bring together perspectives from across the world, current debates, life, examples and works of activist thinkers associated with progressive social movements.

They discuss social movements in relation to globalization, neoliberalism, civil society, labour movements, democracy, technology, feminism, new media, and the role of state, economy, politics and market in the face of rapid social transformations. Dealing with questions of justice, equality and reciprocity, they aim to create synergies between critical thinking, transformative action and creativity.

Addressing the diversity of social movements from trans-disciplinary intersections, the series will appeal to students, scholars and interested readers.

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Social Movements: Transformative Shifts and Turning Points

Social Movements: Transformative Shifts and Turning Points

Savyasaachi, Ravi Kumar
June 03, 2014

This volume attempts to show the emerging contours of ‘transformative action’ in social movements across South Asia. It argues that these contours have been shaped by contestations over questions of equity, justice and well-being on the one hand, and the nature and scope of new and classical social...

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