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Hyperreality and Global Culture

Hyperreality and Global Culture

Nicholas Perry
May 28, 1998

This book explores a world where the boundaries between reality and representation have become blurred, a world where LA Law is used to train lawyers. Drawing on examples from around the globe, Nick Perry presents a fascinating and entertaining analysis of both familiar objects and situations as...

The Poverty of Postmodernism

The Poverty of Postmodernism

John O'Neill
October 20, 1994

The Poverty of Postmodernism rejects the current celebration of knowledge and value relativism. This is on the grounds that it renders critical reason and commonsense incapable of resisting the superifical ideologies of minoritarianism that leave the hard core of global capitalism unanalyzed. In...

The Future That Failed: Origins and Destinies of the Soviet Model

The Future That Failed: Origins and Destinies of the Soviet Model

Johann P. Arnason
October 21, 1993

This outstanding book deals with the Soviet model as a distinctive pattern of modernity. Its historical background and its institutional structure are thoroughly examined as are its implications for understanding Modernity. The book challenges many of the simple assumptions and judgements made...

Modern Conditions, Postmodern Controversies

Modern Conditions, Postmodern Controversies

Barry Smart
December 05, 1991

In this accomplished, comprehensive and accessible book Barry Smart explores these questions. The book examines the social and economic processes which have shaped and continue to shape life today. It also provides exemplary critical assessments of the various `modern' and `postmodern' thinkers who...

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