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Routledge Key Thinkers in Criminology

About the Series

The more a discipline matures and develops the more interesting it becomes to document and reflect upon its history – including its key figures. The history of criminology includes a set of key thinkers who have defined the subject, renewed its theory and refined its methodology.

The volumes in this series are stand-alone introductions and critical examinations of the life and work of key thinkers in criminology. These volumes collectively contribute to writing and rewriting criminology’s history by adding a distinctive line of inquiry: the focus on the ideas of some of the most inspiring figures from its past.

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Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault

1st Edition

Mariana Valverde
February 04, 2019

This book explores the theoretical contribution of Michel Foucault to the fields of criminology, law, justice and penology. It surveys both the ways in which the work of Foucault has been applied in criminology, but also how his work can be used to understand and explain contemporary issues and...

Edwin H. Sutherland

Edwin H. Sutherland

1st Edition

David O. Friedrichs, Isabel Schoultz, Aleksandra Jordanoska
November 16, 2017

Edwin H. Sutherland is widely identified as the single most important and influential criminologist of the twentieth century. He is especially well-known for his path-breaking criminology textbook (first published in 1924), his promotion of a sociological (and scientific) approach to the...

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