Protein Actions: Principles and Modeling

Ivet Bahar, Robert L. Jernigan, Ken A. Dill

February 9, 2017 by Garland Science
Textbook - 322 Pages - 107 Color Illustrations
ISBN 9780815341772 - CAT# GS192


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  • 251 bold illustrations designed to help introduce and convey fundamental principles to readers from either biology or physics backgrounds
  • Emphasizes concepts and theory of proteins rather than experimental techniques
  • Gives the full breath of protein principles, bioinformatics, molecular simulations, and mechanisms
  • Some chapters contain appendices that elaborate on advanced material


Protein Actions: Principles and Modeling is aimed at graduates, advanced undergraduates, and any professional who seeks an introduction to the biological, chemical, and physical properties of proteins. Broadly accessible to biophysicists and biochemists, it will be particularly useful to student and professional structural biologists and molecular biophysicists, bioinformaticians and computational biologists, biological chemists (particularly drug designers) and molecular bioengineers.

The book begins by introducing the basic principles of protein structure and function. Some readers will be familiar with aspects of this, but the authors build up a more quantitative approach than their competitors. Emphasizing concepts and theory rather than experimental techniques, the book shows how proteins can be analyzed using the disciplines of elementary statistical mechanics, energetics, and kinetics. These chapters illuminate how proteins attain biologically active states and the properties of those states. The book ends with a synopsis the roles of computational biology and bioinformatics in protein science.

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