Practical and Experimental Robotics

Ferat Sahin, Pushkin Kachroo

August 22, 2007 by CRC Press
Reference - 464 Pages - 514 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9781420059090 - CAT# 59092


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  • Discusses parallel port interface using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ libraries and parallel interfacing using Borland C++ compiler
  • Explores ways to control two arm robots: OWI-007 and another six degrees-of-freedom (DOF) arm robot by MCII Robot
  • Presents basic robot movements with detailed breadboard connection explanations
  • Details the construction and mechanics of a four wheel robot with differential drive by Rigel and includes a sample code to drive the Rigel 4WD robot
  • Covers two six-legged or hexapod robots using 2-DOF legs or 3-DOF legs and the programming Basic Stamp BS2e with walking schemes and corresponding sample codes
  • Provides the mechanics and construction of biped robots with figures and corresponding equations
  • Examines propeller-based robots such as flying robotic plane, robotic helicopters, robotics boats, and submarines
  • Summary

    Taking a completely hands-on approach, using cheap and easily available robotics kits, Practical and Experimental Robotics provides a detailed exploration of the construction, theory, and experiments for different types of robots. With topics ranging from basic stamp microcontrollers to biped and propeller based robots, the text contains laboratory experiments, examples with solutions, and case studies.

    The authors begin with a review of the essential elements of electronics and mechanics. They describe the basic mechanical construction and electrical control of the robot, then give at least one example of how to operate the robot using microcontrollers or software. The book includes a reference chapter on Basic Stamp Microcontollers with example code pieces and a chapter completely devoted to PC interfacing. Each chapter begins with the fundamentals, then moves on to advanced topics, thus building a foundation for learning from the ground up.

    Building a bridge between technicians who have hands-on experience and engineers with a deeper insight into the workings, the book covers a range of machines, from arm, wheel, and leg robots to flying robots and robotic submarines and boats. Unlike most books in this field, this one offers a complete set of topics from electronics, mechanics, and computer interface and programming, making it an independent source for knowledge and understanding of robotics.