Polymeric Biomaterials: Structure and Function, Volume 1

Severian Dumitriu, Valentin Popa

January 17, 2013 by CRC Press
Reference - 920 Pages - 404 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9781420094701 - CAT# 9470X


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  • Updated and expanded into a comprehensive new edition containing 53 chapters in two volumes: Structure and Function and Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Reflects the current state of knowledge of nearly the entire spectrum of polymeric biomaterials
  • Provides the most up-to-date coverage of key new materials and their properties, such as synthetic fibers as biomaterials and metal–polymer composites
  • Written by world-renowned scientists with major contributions in the field of biomaterials


Biomaterials have had a major impact on the practice of contemporary medicine and patient care. Growing into a major interdisciplinary effort involving chemists, biologists, engineers, and physicians, biomaterials development has enabled the creation of high-quality devices, implants, and drug carriers with greater biocompatibility and biofunctionality. The fast-paced research and increasing interest in finding new and improved biocompatible or biodegradable polymers has provided a wealth of new information, transforming this edition of Polymeric Biomaterials into a two-volume set.

This volume, Polymeric Biomaterials: Structure and Function, contains 25 authoritative chapters written by experts from around the world. Contributors cover the following topics:

  • The structure and properties of synthetic polymers including polyesters, polyphosphazenes, and elastomers
  • The structure and properties of natural polymers such as mucoadhesives, chitin, lignin, and carbohydrate derivatives
  • Blends and composites—for example, metal–polymer composites and biodegradable polymeric/ceramic composites
  • Bioresorbable hybrid membranes, drug delivery systems, cell bioassay systems, electrospinning for regenerative medicine, and more

Completely revised and expanded, this state-of-the-art reference presents recent developments in polymeric biomaterials: from their chemical, physical, and structural properties to polymer synthesis and processing techniques and current applications in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

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