Palaeontology and Historical Geology: Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 12

1st Edition

Jin Yu-Gan, Dineley

CRC Press
Published August 1, 1997
Reference - 200 Pages
ISBN 9789067642576 - CAT# K15782

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Table of Contents

An introduction to the symposia on ''Palaeontology and Historical Geology'' Jin Yu-Gan A hierarchical framework of Permian global marine biogeography T.A. Grunt and Shi Guangrong Ammonoid palaeobiogeography of the South Kitakami Palaeoland and palaeogeography of eastern Asia during Permian to Triassic time Masayuki Ehiro Palaeobiogeographic evolution of Permian brachiopods Jin Yu-Gan and Shang Qing-Hua Notes on the historical biogeography of the Osteoglossomorpha (Teleostei) Li Guoqing Sequence of events around the K/T boundary at El Kef (NW Tunisia) P. Donze, H. Méon, E. Robin, R. Rocchia, O. Ben Abdelkader, H. Ben Salem and A.-L. Maamouri Comparative faunal content of Strunian (Devonian) between Etaoucun (Guilin, Guangxi, South China) and the stratotype area (Etroeungt, Avesnois, North of France) B. Milhau, B. Mistiaen, D. Brice, J.M. Degardin, C. Derycke, Hou Hongfei, J.C. Rohart, D. Vachard and Wu Xiantao Palynological study of the Devonian - Carboniferous boundary in the vicinity of the International Auxiliary Stratotype Section, Guilin, China Yang Weiping and R. Neves Shallow-marine benthic palaeoecology of the Late Pleistocene Paleo - Tokyo Bay: a moderately sheltered bay fringed with barrier islands Yasuo Kondo, Takanobu Kamataki and Yasunori Masaki Freshwater molluscan fauna of the Miocene-Pliocene Churia (Siwalik) Group of Nepal and their palaeoecological implication D. Gurung, Katsumi Takayasu and Keiji Matsuoka The significance of freshwater malacofauna of the Churia (Siwalik) Group in Nepal and the Himalayan upheaval Katsumi Takayasu, D. Gurung and Keiji Matsuoka The change of Late Cenozoic marine microfauna in the eastern margin of the Sea of Japan Iwao Kobayashi, Tetsuro Ueda, Hideaki Nagamori, Tatsuya Sakumoto, Hideo Yabe, Makoto Miyawaki and Masakazu Hayashi Palaeosynecological development of upper Anisian (Middle Triassic) communities from Qingyan, Guizhou Province, China - a preliminary summary F. Stiller Shell preservation of Pleistocene freshwater bivalvian mollusc from China Iwao Kobayashi and Qingshan Yu First discovery of Tertiary fishes (Teleostei) from Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China Zhang Jiangyong Ultra-microfossils in manganese stromatolites from the East Pacific Ocean Bian Lizeng, Lin Chengyi, Zhang Fusheng, Du Dean, Chen Jianlin, Shen Huati and Han Xiqiu

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