Introduction to Nuclear Science

Jeff C. Bryan

July 15, 2008 by CRC Press
Textbook - 264 Pages - 116 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9781420061642 - CAT# 6164X

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  • Reviews basic concepts of radiation, including atomic structure, nuclear reactions, and stability
  • Explains in detail radioactive decay modes and the energetics of nuclear transmutations, such as fusion and fission
  • Discusses applications of nuclear science through medicine, power generation, food safety, waste, and weapons
  • Provides a balanced view of current issues and fears involving nuclear power, waste concerns, and the health effects of exposure
  • Includes worked problems and examples from real applications throughout the chapters
  • Summary

    There are many excellent nuclear chemistry textbooks available for teaching science or engineering seniors or graduate students, but very few for those lacking a more extensive science and math background. And many of them are slipping out of date. Clearly, a more appropriate text is necessary. Introduction to Nuclear Science provides a much-needed textbook for those seeking a more accessible introduction to the topic.

    Simple in its concept but elegant in its execution, the book provides a complete introduction to nuclear chemistry and physics, including fundamental concepts, relevant mathematics, current applications, and health issues. The author covers energetics, radioactive decay, nuclear reactions, interactions of radiation with matter, detection methods, and safety measures, including monitoring and regulations. The text also includes material relevant to medical professionals generating and using ionizing radiation for diagnostics and therapy. It provides a balanced view of important contemporary topics such as nuclear power, weapons, and food/mail irradiation.

    The text is classroom tested and the author assumes his audience has a limited science and math background that includes some knowledge of algebra and general chemistry. The book not only helps educators teaching nuclear science to undergraduates without a calculus prerequisite, but fills the coming need to educate a new generation of workers in the nuclear industry. The text is also useful to scientists making a career move to the growing nuclear industry.

    This volume works well in conjunction with other CRC lab manuals. Check out Experiments in Nuclear Science.