Forensic DNA Evidence Interpretation

Christopher M. Triggs, John S. Buckleton, Simon J. Walsh

November 29, 2004 by CRC Press
Reference - 552 Pages - 77 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9780849330179 - CAT# 3017

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  • Includes 60 tables that simplify advanced principles for the caseworker
  • Provides a review of pertinent biology
  • Presents contributions from experts in statistical analysis and DNA
  • Reviews noteworthy cases such as the identity of the Romanovs and the O.J. Simpson trial
  • Summary

    Forensic DNA Evidence Interpretation is the most comprehensive resource for DNA casework available today. Written by leaders in the fields of biology and statistics, the book emphasizes the interpretation of test results and provides the necessary formulae in an easily accessible manner.

    The book begins by reviewing all pertinent biology, and then provides information on every aspect of DNA analysis, including modern interpretation methods and issues, and contemporary population genetic models available for estimating DNA frequencies or likelihood ratios. Following a chapter on procedures for validating databases, the text presents overviews and performance assessments of both modern sampling uncertainty methods and current paternity testing techniques. Later chapters discuss the latest methods for mixture analysis, LCN (ultra trace) analysis, and non-autosomal (mito, X, and Y) DNA analysis. The text concludes with procedures for disaster victim identification and information on DNA intelligence databases.

    Supported by numerous tables and over 800 references, this authoritative book provides a link among the biological, forensic, and interpretative domains of the DNA profiling field. It is a valuable resource that allows forensic scientists and technicians, molecular biologists, and attorneys to use forensic DNA evidence to its greatest potential.