Food Safety in China: A Comprehensive Review

Linhai Wu, Dian Zhu

July 29, 2014 by CRC Press
Reference - 384 Pages - 65 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9781482218336 - CAT# K22142


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    • Examines the complete food supply chain system in China
    • Reveals the principal factors influencing food safety
    • Describes how China's food safety incidents are mostly caused by human factors
    • Explains the comprehensive regulatory coordination mechanism that has been established to address food safety issues



    China is the world’s top agricultural producer according to a World Trade Organization 2010 report, but a growing number of alarming safety issues has put the world’s top manufacturer of food on the defensive. Food Safety in China: A Comprehensive Review chronicles China’s current food safety problems from a professional perspective. This text describes key concepts, incorporates a research thread, considers various methods, provides context, and presents main conclusions. Containing investigative research and presenting an authoritative analysis of the subject, this text considers the complex issues that span the entire food supply chain system. It provides an overview of the current food safety situation, as well as its development and changes. It also details the structure of the food safety support system, and addresses growing concerns.

    Explores Involvement in Stages

    The book considers the interrelationship between the government, producers and traders, and consumers. It studies technical and management issues, and explains how that impacts businesses, the government regulatory system, and the end user. Factoring in the risks that can be caused by both natural and human influences, including the abuse of food additives, this book reviews the efforts put forth by China to prevent food safety issues. It examines the changing track of food safety (including imported and exported products) in key aspects such as production, circulation, and consumption from 2006 to 2011 based on empirical investigation and comprehensive use of various statistical data, and examines most specifically China's food safety situation in 2011.

    This book addresses:

    • Food production and processing
    • Food transportation
    • Food consumption
    • Environment and consumer awareness of food safety
    • Efforts and technical means of the government in food regulation
    • Social responsibility of food producers and traders, and moral traits and professional qualities of employees
    • Rationality, effectiveness, and operability of the technical specifications in production, processing, circulation, and consumption

    Food Safety in China: A Comprehensive Review provides an assessment of the actual state and future trends of the food safety risk in China. This text is an ideal resource for food product developers, regulators and government researchers, regulatory agencies, policy makers, and policy analysts as well as universities, colleges, researchers, students, investors, importers, exporters, and manufacturers of food.