Engineering Response to Global Climate Change: Planning a Research and Development Agenda

Robert G. Watts, Robert G. Watts

July 30, 1997 by CRC Press
Reference - 512 Pages
ISBN 9781566702348 - CAT# L1234

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  • Presents new concepts on managing energy supplies and improving efficiency
  • Explains how to manage water resources to help mitigate global warming
  • Discusses the threat of rising sea levels
  • Presents a new perspective on agricultural planning in a warmer world
  • Examines innovative "geoengineering" solutions to intervene in the earth's climate
  • Summary

    This book goes beyond the analysis offered by typical works on this subject to propose real solutions to problems caused by changes in the earth's climate. From new ways to cut energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions to discussions of the possibilities of sea walls and climate-altering technologies, Engineering Response to Global Climate Change presents new conceptual tools and suggests research necessary for correcting and alleviating problems caused by global warming.
    Engineers are just now being asked to consider the problems of climate change and the possible technological responses. This complete reference covers the whole range of potential impacts of climate change and their engineering solutions. Of special interest is the chapter on geoengineering, which suggests how engineers may someday be able to intervene in planetary processes to reduce the effects of global warming.
    Edited by a regional director of the National Institute for Global Environmental Change and offering the collective expertise of a team of expert authors, each renowned in his or her field, this book offers thorough coverage of this important topic from an engineering and technology perspective.