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Current Issues in Consciousness Research

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Transitions Between Consciousness and Unconsciousness

Transitions Between Consciousness and Unconsciousness

1st Edition

Guido Hesselmann
June 14, 2019

The empirical study of consciousness is in constant progress. New ideas and approaches arise, methods are being debated and refined, and experimental research over the last two decades has produced a rich body of data, acquired in the aim to better understand consciousness and its neural...

Sensation of Movement

Sensation of Movement

1st Edition

Thor Grünbaum, Mark Schram Christensen
September 13, 2017

Sensation of Movement explores the role of sensation in motor control, bodily self-recognition and sense of agency. The sensation of movement is dependent on a range of information received by the brain, from signalling in the peripheral sensory organs to the establishment of higher order goals....

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