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Criminology at the Edge

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Over the last few decades, criminology has become known for its rigorous research methods and innovative analyses as well as for the development and testing of traditional and new theories. Criminology, as a science, has become known for its empirical-based theorizing and its dedication to enable this knowledge to contribute effectively to realizing the goal of creating safe and just societies. This interdisciplinary series explores innovative developments and imagined futures within criminology.

The objective of this series is to expand the boundaries of criminology and facilitate, encourage and disseminate the fruits of a thorough and meticulous discussions of the most important emerging trends within criminology. Innovative criminologists will be encouraged to take risks as they imagine a criminology for the 21st Century, and to think outside existing criminological boxes.

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Big Data

Big Data

1st Edition


Benoit Leclerc, Jesse Cale
March 10, 2020

The Internet has launched the world into an era into which enormous amounts of data are generated every day through technologies with both positive and negative consequences. This often refers to Big Data. This book explores Big Data in organisations operating in the criminology and criminal...

Criminology and the Anthropocene

Criminology and the Anthropocene

1st Edition

Cameron Holley, Clifford Shearing
April 01, 2019

The Anthropocene signals a new age in Earth’s history, a human age, where we are revealed as a powerful force shaping planetary systems. What might criminology be in the Anthropocene? What does the Anthropocene suggest for future theory and practice of criminology? This book seeks to contribute to...

The Future of Rational Choice for Crime Prevention

The Future of Rational Choice for Crime Prevention

1st Edition

Danielle M. Reynald, Benoit Leclerc
February 04, 2019

The rational choice perspective (RCP) is currently the core theoretical approach underpinning situational crime prevention (SCP). To date, many crimes have been studied through the lens of RCP, which increased our understanding of these phenomena, how they are committed and how they could...

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