Circulatory Response to the Upright Posture

James J. Smith

September 24, 1990 by CRC Press
Reference - 200 Pages
ISBN 9780849365188 - CAT# 6518

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  • Older and newer literature on postural tolerance
  • Autonomic and hormonal mechanisms
  • Effects of physical fitness, deconditioning, age, and sex
  • Summary

    This is the only up-to-date systematic review of normal human response to upright posture and lower body negative pressure (LBNP). It analyzes the key factors that influence postural tolerance, such as physical fitness, weightlessness, age, and sex. It also provides extensive details on the circulatory changes that have occurred during U.S. and Soviet manned space flights. The text is brilliantly illustrated with diagrams, tables, and comments on circulatory methods. Readers will discover some information which has never before been published. This one-of-a-kind volume also reviews the diagnosis and treatment of orthostatic hypotension-an extremely common orthostatic disorder. Circulatory Response to the Upright Posture is the first available literature since 1982 of human physiological and pathophysiological aspects of postural tolerance. A wide variety of readers will find this title interesting and of value. Circulatory physiologists, cardiologists, and everyone with an interest in exercise physiology, aging, space physiology, and environmental physiology will especially benefit from this writing.