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Chapman & Hall/CRC Series in Operations Research

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The CRC Press Series in Operations Research encompasses books that contribute to the methodology of Operations Research and applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions.

The scope of the series is wide, including innovative applications of Operations Research which describe novel ways to solve real-world problems, with examples drawn from industrial, computing, engineering, and business applications. The series explores the latest developments in Theory and Methodology, and presents original research results contributing to the methodology of Operations Research, and to its theoretical foundations.

Featuring a broad range of reference works, textbooks and handbooks, the books in this Series will appeal not only to researchers, practitioners and students in the mathematical community, but also to engineers, physicists, and computer scientists. The inclusion of real examples and applications is highly encouraged in all of our books.

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Rational Queueing

Rational Queueing

1st Edition

Refael Hassin
March 15, 2016

Understand the Strategic Behavior in Queueing Systems Rational Queueing provides one of the first unified accounts of the dynamic aspects involved in the strategic behavior in queues. It explores the performance of queueing systems where multiple agents, such as customers, servers, and central...

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