Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science

About the Series

As the pace of innovation in computational science and engineering accelerates, it is becoming increasingly important to present the latest research and applications to professionals working in the field. In the future, many areas of research will only be accessible to those with access to advanced computational technology and platforms. This series aims to capture new developments and applications in the field of computational science through the publication of a broad range of textbooks, reference works, and handbooks. We are looking for single authored works and edited compilations that will:

  • Appeal to students and professionals by providing introductory as well as advanced material on mathematical, statistical, and computational methods and techniques
  • Present researchers with the latest theories and experimentation
  • Supply information to interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners who are users of computing technology but may not have advanced computer backgrounds

The inclusion of concrete examples and applications is highly encouraged. The scope of the series includes, but is not limited to, titles in the areas of scientific computing, parallel and distributed computing, high performance computing, grid computing, cluster computing, heterogeneous computing, quantum computing, and their applications in scientific disciplines such as astrophysics, aeronautics, biology, chemistry, climate modelling, combustion, cosmology, earthquake prediction, imaging, materials, neuroscience, oil exploration, and weather forecasting. We are willing to consider other relevant topics that might be proposed by potential contributors.

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