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Arts Culture and Society in the Western World

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The European Renaissance 1400-1600

The European Renaissance 1400-1600

1st Edition

Robin Kirkpatrick
October 30, 2001

With Italy at its centre, but encompassing the whole of Renaissance Europe, this evocative history challenges some of the popularly-held views on the Renaissance period. In particular, whilst always acknowledging the brilliance and exhuberance of Renaissance culture, Robin Kirkpatrick draws equal...

Gothic Europe 1200-1450

Gothic Europe 1200-1450

1st Edition

Derek Pearsall
April 10, 2001

This uniquely ambitious history offers an account of all aspects of cultural activity and production throughout the world of Latin Christendom 1200-1450. Beginning with a detailed description of the political and economic circumstances that allowed the 'Gothic Moment' to flourish, the body of the...

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